The department of Oral Medicine and Radiology is an integral part of the VK Institute of Dental Sciences. We offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate training in Oral Medicine and Oral radiology section. The department is equipped with the latest teaching facilities and infrastructure for basic and advanced training and research activities in the field of Oral Medicine, Oral Radiology, and allied sciences.


We undertake treatment of

  • Oral Mucosal diseases of infectious and non-infectious origin
  • Oral diseases of psychosomatic origin
  • Chronic Orofacial pain and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD)
  • Salivary gland diseases
  • Oral cancer and complications of cancer therapy
  • Dental care for patients with disabilities
  • Oral complications of systemic illnesses
  • Oral complaints in geriatric patients
  • Craniofacial imaging and other diagnostics
  • Laser therapy for oral mucosal lesions
  • Tobacco cessation counseling cell
  • Age estimation in Forensic investigations
  • Consultation for Medicolegal cases


Imaging is the lifeline of dentistry. It is essential for the practice of dentistry. The radiology section is equipped with conventional and digital intraoral and extraoral X ray machines and panoramic radiography machine. These facilities are used by all the departments in the college for patient care and research and medicolegal consultations.

The department has qualified, experienced and proactive teachers trained in health professions education. We are equipped with contemporary teaching methods and resources in the form of books, journals, library dissertation, dissertations, and seminars and patient registry of pathology of head and neck. We also work closely with other dental and medical disciplines to provide holistic care.

The department of Oral Medicine and Radiology is an integral part of VK Institute of Dental Sciences. We offer Undergraduate and Post graduate training in Oral Medicine and Oral radiology section. The department is equipped with the latest teaching facilities and infrastructure for basic and advanced training and research activities in the field of Oral Medicine, Oral Radiology and allied sciences.


The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology took its birth with the inauguration of this college in 1985. During its initial years, the Department grew under the guidance of Dr.S.S.Degwekar, Dr.Kausar Khwaja, Dr. Aspee Surveyor, Dr.Shailesh Bhutala, Dr Basavaraj Kallalli, and Dr. Anil Kumar Bhoweer.  Within a few years, there was a rapid growth in the dept with dedicated space for teaching and housing modern requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. We have been running the postgraduate program successfully since 1993.

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM(Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

The educational goals of this program are to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve competency in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of orofacial diseases.. It is achieved by offering the student an integrated experience in didactics lecture, case-based learning and patient care with an emphasis on differential diagnosis, and interdisciplinary treatment using medicine .students are also trained in making and interpreting various radiographs.

POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM(Master of Dental Surgery)

Oral Medicine and Radiology focuses on the diagnosis and non-surgical management of orofacial diseases. The department at KLE
VK Institute of Dental Sciences strives to be a leader and a center of excellence in the diagnosis and management of disorders in the
orofacial complex following the curriculum and guidelines prescribed by the Dental Council of India


The Oral Medicine and Radiology program is a full time 3-year Master in Dental Surgery (MDS) program that is recognized by the Dental Council of India. The program provides extensive training in both clinical Oral Medicine and Radiology and research methodology.

Oral Medicine and Radiology specialists require considerable knowledge in the basic health sciences and must be able to apply this knowledge to the clinical management of orofacial diseases. A deep understanding of the instruments, procedures and techniques used in the diagnosis of all oral diseases and a broad knowledge of treatment planning is also essential.

Clinical training focuses on the non-surgical management of disease including pharmacotherapy, physical therapy, the use of oral appliances, and behavioral counseling. The clinical and didactic portions of the program are designed to provide extensive training in the diagnosis and management of Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), Nerve and neurosensory disorders (including burning mouth syndrome, oral and facial neuropathic pain, and trigeminal neuralgia), Chronic orofacial pain (including psychosocial aspects of pain management), TMJ disorders, Diseases/conditions affecting the oral mucosa (including aphthous stomatitis, lichen planus, vesiculobullous oral diseases, and allergic/hypersensitivity reactions), oral dysplasias and other premalignant changes of the oral cavity, Salivary gland dysfunction, Oral complications of cancer therapies (including chemotherapy and radiation).

In the first year, clinical training primarily takes place in Oral Medicine and Radiology clinic at VK Institute of Dental Sciences. Clinical rotations in the second year include rotations in KLE’s Belgaum Cancer Hospital. Students attend rotations in Dermatology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Otolaryngology Medical Radiology and Physiotherapy at KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore hospital in Belagavi. All students receive training in research methodology, literature search, and biostatistics. All students complete dissertation under the guidance of a faculty research committee. Our postgraduates are skilled to pursue careers in academic dentistry as clinicians, researchers, educators and as private practitioners.


We encourage research scholars to take up research projects related to HIV, Oral cancer, where salivary and serum markers can be assessed in Basic Science Research Laboratory, housed in our Dental college premises. Tobacco use is widely prevalent in this region. Hence, we have lot of cases with tobacco associated lesions. Early detection and prevention of oral cancer can be achieved with the facilities available. Our well-equipped Oral Radiology department along with Hi-tech imaging facilities available at KLE’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital encourages research in this field as well. Trained faculty in Dental education promote research in education.


Interns are demonstrated making and interpreting Extraoral radiographic techniques to improve their diagnostic acumen. Demonstration of Therapeutic Ultrasound, TENS therapy for orofacial pain and Intralesional injections of steroids for potentially malignant disorders helps to enhance their clinical skills.

Our faculties are exceptional teachers and achievers dedicated to our vision and mission. They inspire as role models and instill values in the students creating a cohesive learning experience.

Dr. Vaishali Keluskar
Professor & Head

Dr. Anjana Bagewadi
Vice-principal, Professor

Dr. Arvind Shetti

Dr. Zameera Naik

Dr. Vasanti P Jirge

Dr. Shivayogi Charantimath

Dr.Namratha Patil

Dr. Daneshwari Koshti


  Research is an integral component of the mission and goals of the program. Research training includes courses in clinical research protocol development, biostatistics and bioethics. Faculty members represent a broad array of scientific fields using clinical, epidemiological and basic science approaches in their investigations. This diversity of scope establishes a broad base for research programs and training available to residents.



The staff and students have represented the Department at various curricular and co-curricular events at National & International events and have brought laurels to the Institute. The details from 2016-2020 are as follows



Clinics & Radiology Section

Undergraduate Clinic

The undergraduate clinic is spacious and well ventilated to accommodate 12 dental chairs. Clinics provide students with the opportunity to learn by clinical experience and interaction with faculty. Teachers engage student in chairside discussion to promote learning by reflection and feedback.

Postgraduate Clinic

The postgraduate clinic is equipped with 12 latest dental units. The postgraduates are trained to improve their skills in treatment planning, management for various head and neck pathologies. The postgraduate students are also trained in making   and interpretation of various radiographic techniques. PG students are also trained in advanced radiographic techniques.


The Radiology section is well designed & equipped for conventional & digital intraoral radiography. We have four intraoral radiography sections (including 01 digital intraoral radiography), one extraoral radiography unit & one panoramic radiography unit. We also have processing room/ dark room for conventional radiographs & ample space for viewing and interpretation. Equipment for sialography is also available.


The department has intraoral camera, real skull simulator, therapeutic ultrasound machine (TUS)& transcutaneous electrical nerves stimulation machine (TENS). We have all the basic diagnostic equipments that can be used for patient care & teaching.

Treatments Offered

  1. Medical managements for oral mucosal diseases
  2. Tobacco induced oral diseases
  3. Chronic orofacial pain and temporomandibular joint diseases
  4. Laser treatment / medical treatments for oral ulcers
  5. Oral complaints in elderly
  6. Physiotherapeutic modalities for chronic orofacial pain
  7. Phytotherapy (Plant based) for oral diseases
  8. Psychosomatic and neurosensory oral disorders
  9. Complications of cancer therapy


Events Organized

World No Tobacco Day 2024

KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences Belagavi conducted various activities for the benefits of the community and motivate them to quit the tobacco habit.

1) Radio-talk at KLE Venudhwani on ill effects of tobacco and methods to quit for tobacco deaddiction was done in Kannada and Marathi language by Dr. Vaishali Keluskar Professor and Head, Dr.Daneshwari Koshti Tobacco cessation counsellor.

2)  Guest lecture on Ill effects of Tobacco by Dr. Daneshwari Koshti at small scale industry Preeti papers, Udyambag industrial area on 31st May 2024. Clippings of citizens views on Tobacco and its harmful effects were shown, and distribution of educational pamphlets.

27th Scientific Convention 15th February  17th 2024

The department of Oral Medicine & Radiology hosted the 27th college Scientific Convention from 15th Feb to 17th  Feb 2024 with the  THEME: Research to Practice “Turning Knowledge into action” under DDE. On the 1st day 15/2/2024 there were scientific presentations by UG’s and there were table clinic presentations by PG’s.

The 2nd day 16/3/2024 marked the inauguration of convention followed by keynote lecture on Orofacial pain by Dr. Upasana Sethi Professor and Head, Dept. of OMR, SBBDC, Ghaziabad followed by scientific presentation by PG’s.

On the 3rd day 17/3/2024 Dr. Praveen Birur Vice Principal,  Professor and Head of the Department of  Oral Medicine and Radiology, K.L.E Society’s Institute of Dental Sciences, Bengaluru, gave a talk on Translational Research in Oral Cancer followed by valedictory.

There were a total   285 Registration and 68 scientific presentation.  Overall it was a successful event with appreciation from staff and students.

Camp Conducted

World Oral Health Day

1)  On the occasion of World Oral Health Day 20/3/202024 Health talk and oral dental check-up camp at  ITBP  Halbhavi
      Dr. Vaishali  K Spoke on : Topic – A happy Mouth, is a happy body  and maintaining oral health for benefit of general health.

      Dr. Daneshwari K spoke on: ill Effects of tobacco

      Venue: ITBP trainees, Halbhavi

      Date: 20/03/2024 

Number of Beneficiaries– 100 trainees

2)   A dental Checkup camp for inmates of old age home run by sanjeevini foundation,

     Date: 24/4/2024

Venue: Adarsh nagar Belagavi

No of Beneficiaries: 75

National IAOMR Day on 24th April 2024

A national online quiz competition was conducted for the UG Students of dental college across the         country.

Date: 22/4/2024

No of participants: 91

Venue: KLE VK IDS Belagavi

On 24th April 2024. Venudhwani radio talk by Dr.Vaishali Keluskar on the “Role of an Oral Medicine & Radiology Specialist” and various treatment modalities available in the department

ITBP Camp dental checkup camp along with awareness about ill effect of tobacco and oral hygiene instructions for 100 trainees.
Guest lecture by Dr.Daneshwari Koshti – Tobacco Cessation and Dr.Kajal Gokak -Oral Hygienic Instructions Oral health checkup of the trainees and family
Venue: ITBP trainees, Halbhavi
Date: 2nd February 2024
Number of Beneficiaries- 100 trainees

Faculty presentations

  • Dr. Vasanti Jirge
    Scientific Presented a paper titled “Student Perception On The Impact Of ChatGPT On PG Training A Cross Sectional Study Among Post Graduates Of Oral Medicine & Radiology Across India.” at 34th IAOMR National Conference  – 01st to 3rd December 2023 at Bapuji Auditorium, Davangere.
  • Dr. Zameera Naik
    Best paper award for Scientific paper titled “Effectiveness Of Ascorbyl Palmitate E(Vitamin C) For Managing Trigeminal Neuralgia Ray Of Hope” presented at 34th National IAOMR Conference – 01st to 3rd December 2023 at Bapuji Auditorium, Davangere.

Pre-conference workshop conducted by Dr. Zameera Naik & Dr. Vasanti Jirge titled “Workplace dynamics – Restructuring to create winning teams in academics” for delegates of the National IAOMR conference.

2. 12 th Rontgen week 2023

12th Rontgen week 2023, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology 7 th November to 9 th November 2023 The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology celebrated 12th Roentgen week. Dr. Vaishali Keluskar, HOD Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology welcomed the gathering. Dr.Vasanti J delivered Lecture on “Scope of Oral Medicine & Radiology” for Interns. Reel Making Competition for Interns & UGs was organized and prize was given to best reel, co- rdinated by Dr.Namratha Dr.Daneshewari, and Dr.Kajal. Dr. Shivayogi Charantimath delivered lecture on “Introduction to CBCT and application in Dentistry” hands on workshop was also conducted for postgraduate students by Dr. Shivayogi Charantimath, Dr.Namratha Dr.Daneshewari, and Dr.Kajal. The Rontgen week was co- ordinated by Dr.Zameera Professor Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology. Dr.Sonal Joshi Dean, Dr. Anjana Bagewadi Vice- Principal K.L.E.V.K Institute of Dental Sciences presided over valedictory function. 125 students were benefited from the program.

Camp Conducted To diagnose, screen and identify the oral health issues

  1. Felicitation of Dr.Zameera Naik.
  2. Oral health education
  3. Screening of school children

Venue: Dental check-up camp at St.Theresa School Hidkal Dam camp

Date : 23-8-2023

980 Students

Interdisciplinary Activity Report

Oral Medicine & Radiology, Prosthodontics, KLE’s Institute of Physiotherapy

An Interdisciplinary activity with the Dept. of Orthopedic Physiotherapy, KLE’s Institute of Physiotherapy, KAHER, Belagavi was organized by the Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology in collaboration with Dept. of  Prosthodontics  on   13th & 14th March 2023 with the objective of understanding different aspects of diagnosing and  managing Temperomandibular joint disorders(TMDs).

This activity was spread over two days, was attended by 55 participants including the staff and PGs. On 13th March 2023, PG presentations and demonstrations were conducted at KLEs VKIDS catering to various aspects of TMDs. On 14th March 2023, all PGs of Prosthodontic dept. and OMR dept. along with the staff visited Physiotherapy OPD at KLE Prabhakar Kore Hospital where demo of all the equipments used for general body pain and orofacial pain in specific was provided. Feedback was collected and overall it was an enriching learning experience.

Guest lecture:

1) Guest lecture Oral hygiene and ill effects of tobacco for Paramedical staffs- Dr Daneshwari Koshti
Venue-District Tobacco control cell, Civil Hospital
Date -9/1/23
40 staffs

2) Guest lecture on Tobacco Identification and Assessment for Government Dentists of Belgaum District Dr Anjana Bagewadi
Venue- District Tobacco control cell, Civil Hospital
Date -10/1/23

Camps Conducted:

ITBP Camp dental checkup camp along with awareness about ill effect of tobacco and oral hygiene instructions for 300 trainees.
Venue: ITBP trainees, Halbhavi
Date: 16 th November 2023
Number of Beneficiaries- 150 trainees

1.Guest lecture and Dental camp ITBP Camp World No Tobacco Day
Venue:ITBP trainees, Halbhavi.
Date – 31st May 2023
Number of Beneficiaries- 75

2. Free Oral Health Checkup Inner Wheel Club of Belagaum Swastham
Venue: Mahaveer Bhavan Goaves belagavi
Date: 6th June 2023
No. of Beneficiaries -81

1 Guest lecture Oral hygiene and ill effects of tobacco and oral check up camp conducted for CRPF trainees, officers and families

Venue- COBRA school of Jungle Warfare and Tactics, CRPF Jamboti

Date -11/1/23

125 Trainees examined

2. Camp Conducted – lecture delivered
Dr Zameera Naik conducted a Dental Checkup Camp and delivered lecture on Oral hygiene and ill effects of tobacco at ST. Theresa convent School, Hidakal Dam,
6th   December  2022.
1000 students were examined

CBCT Machine in K.L.E.V.K. Institute of Dental Sciences Belgaum

KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research, KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences Belagavi & the Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology of KLE VK IDS is pleased to inform that we have installed CBCT scan machine with highest Field of view which is first in Belagavi District. CBCT is an advanced imaging modality alternative to CT scan, less expensive and reduced exposure to radiation in head and neck region. CBCT scan has various applications in dentistry and medical specialties. High resolution of CBCT helps in detecting variety of cysts, tumors, infections, developmental anomalies and traumatic injuries involving the maxilla-facial structures. CBCT is capable of providing sub-millimetre resolution in images of high diagnostic quality, with short scanning times (10–70 seconds) and radiation dosages reportedly up to 15 times lower than those of conventional CT scans. Increasing availability of this technology provides the dental clinician with an imaging modality capable of providing a 3-dimensional representation of the maxillofacial skeleton with minimal distortion and also has feature of reducing metal artifact.We have well trained and experienced oral and maxillofacial radiologist. Public can avail this facility at minimum charges.

The Department has well trained Oral & Maxillofacial radiologists, who have expertise in making scan and reporting. Patient can be referred to this center for CBCT scan and this facility is available at minimum charges.


  1. Tobacco de-addiction counseling cell: The de-addiction cell is active in providing de-addiction counseling to all patients who report history of usage of tobacco or areca nut in any form. The cell maintains a registry of all patients who have undergone counseling and follow up. Patients who report with tobacco abuse are examined for mucosal lesions. They are then counseled and administered treatment for the mucosal lesions. If such patients are diagnosed with oral cancer they are referred to the KLES Belgaum cancer hospital for further care.
  2. Pain clinic: To deliver care to patients suffering from chronic orofacial pain conditions we have a dedicated pain clinic. Patients suffering from acute and chronic neurosensory and motor nerve disorders are treated here using pharmacologic and physiotherapeutic modalities (Transcutaneous Electric nerve stimulation, Therapeutic ultrasound).
  3. Community service: We also conduct guest lectures and camps for awareness on oral hygiene and health and danger of tobacco use as community service at villages, talukas and for CRPF,(Central Reserve Police Force), ITBP ( Indo –Tibetan Border Police), Police Training school.


The department addresses learning behaviors of millennial learners by introducing technology assisted teaching learning methods such as Blended Learning involving digital platforms such as WhatsApp groups, Google groups and different learning management systems such as Edmodo etc. Remedial teaching is practiced in the department to assist students overcome their obstacles during learning. Integrated lectures with departments of oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, Prosthodontics, and Periodontics. Integrated lectures promote deeper understanding of subjects discussed. Value added courses for interns have been introduced to enhance their skills. Real skull simulator is employed for demonstration of intraoral radiography techniques. Most recent development is the use of online teaching and assessment during the COVID pandemic.

Innovations And Best Practices:

1. Sir W. C. Roentgen Week

Since 2012 every year Dr. W. C. Roentgen week is conducted in the month of November to commemorate the discovery of X rays. A weeklong program with various activities like Radiology seminars, Guest lectures, CBCT workshop, Forensic applications and quiz for both undergraduates and postgraduates is organized.

Programs conducted:

  1. CBCT Workshops.
  2. Workshop on Forensic odontology.
  3. Seminars on Radiographic Interpretation
  4. Quiz , essay, poster and debate competitions for UG’s and PG’s.
  5. Radiology exhibition – display of art by UG’s.

2. Tobacco Counseling Cell

Training program for Tobacco cessation for the undergraduates:

This has been an ongoing program of the faculty and students of KLE V.K. IDS where we try to educate about the ill effects of tobacco motivate them to quit and counsel them during follow up by emphasizing on quitting. The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, KLE V.K. IDS has also established a Tobacco Cessation cell from 2010, where patients reporting to the college are educated and counselled about tobacco quitting. The main objectives of this cell are:

  1. To create awareness about hazards of tobacco and promote quitting.
  2. To advise and assist individuals and masses to quit the use of tobacco with counseling.
  3. Thus, create a tobacco free society.

Along with the Public Health Dentistry Department various camps are conducted in Belagavi and periphery of Belagavi.

3. Pain Clinic

Pain is an emotional experience almost experienced by every one of us and is a highly debilitating and a prevalent condition. It often affects quality of life of an individual due to associated significant distress, and disability.

Orofacial painincludes very common disorders such as pain due to carious teeth, gum diseases. Other reasons for orofacial pain are jaw joint and surrounding muscle disorders, nerve disorders, sinus disorders and neurovascular disorders such as migraine.

There is no reason for you to continue suffering with orofacial pain when our Orofacial pain clinic can offer comprehensive treatment solutions to reduce pain and correct jaw and muscle problems that may be causing these issues.

Here at KLE VK IDS, Belagavi, the Orofacial pain clinic caters to patients with these ailments and is thus alleviating pain and helping patients enjoy an improved quality of life. Subsequent to a thorough evaluation of sensory and motor function of orofacial region, patients are subjected to additional investigations based on the clinical diagnosis. Necessary medical management, including drugs, physiotherapy in terms of exercises and counseling is advised under supervision of dental professionals.

Multidisciplinary consultation is also obtained for patients with neurological, psychological, endocrinal and other co-morbidities as we are associated with Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital, Belagavi.  Orofacial pain clinic though in its budding stage is equipped with a laser unit, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine(TENS) and Therapeutic Ultrasound unit.

4. World No Tobacco Day

World no tobacco day is celebrated with the NSS Unit of KLE V.K.IDS every year. Programs are organized to educate the masses by creating awareness throughs skits, Venudwani talks, pictorial presentations thus helping them to quit tobacco.

5. Gold Medals

A gold medal was instituted in honour of Dr Anil Kumar Bhoweerfor Highest scorer (MDS) since 2010.

List of achievers:

Dr.Poonam Agarwal 2010
Dr.AlkaHebbar 2011
Rakhi Issrani 2012
Dr.Sugandha Sharma 2013
Dr.Radha Deshmukh 2015
Dr.Varun Nair, 2016
Dr.Harshita Rai 2017
Dr. Deepti Biswas 2018
Dr.Lidiya Thomas 2019

Another Gold medal was instituted by the Alumni Associationof Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology for the

highest scorer in the subject of Oral MedicineRadiologyin IV BDS since 2012.

List of achievers:

Dr.Barnali Majumdar 2012
Dr.Vaibhav Kumar 2013
Dr.Nadia Sakinah 2014
Manisha Billakanti 2015
Dr. Gabriel Chai Chee Neng 2016
Dr Tong Hui Yeng 2017
Dr. Roshan Rangnekar 2018
PruthviParulekar 2019


1 Padmashree Dr.R.B.Patil Cancer Hospital & Research Centre,Hubballi
2 Police Training School, Khanapur
3 Indo Tibetan Border Police Training Centre Vantamuri, Belagavi
4 COBRA School of JungleWarfare andTactics Torali, Khanapur
5 Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre (BSRC), Belgaum
6 Dentascan CBCT Centre Sangli
7 KLE Belgaum Cancer Hospital Belagavi
8 Head and Neck CBCT Imaging Centre, Belagavi


Dr. Ramachandra completed his MDS in 2000 Oral Medicine & Radiology at KLEVKIDS. He has completed MRCS from Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh in 2015 & BMBSfrom Brighton and Sussex Medical School at U.K. He is currently working as a specialist Registrar in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Queen Victoria Hospital in England.


Dr. Mohit Pal Singh, alumnus from the 2000 batch is presently the Vice Principal, Prof. and Head, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Pacific Dental College & Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is a member of Academy of Craniofacial Pain. He has received training in Palliative care and is working with NGO’s and is also practicing palliative care for Head & Neck Oncology.


Dr. Ajay Parihar,alumnus from the 2003 batch is presently the Professor and Head, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology & Vice-Principal at Govt. Dental College, Indore. He has undergone advance training in CBCT from Japan &currently runs multiple CBCT Centers all over Madhya Pradesh.



KLE’s Institute of Dental Sciences (was known by this name back then) particularly the Departmentof Oral Medicine & Radiology,is & will always remain a pragmatic part of my wonderful journey in my successful career as a Dentist. I have witnessed how this Institute has stood the test of time and has blossomed today as a giant University.   Its academic program is so well designed that it channelizes the young minds towards developing a holistic approach towards general well-being through good Oral health. It’s experienced & dynamic teachers are the pillars of strengths in the Institute.I feel truly blessed to be a part of their success story.


I am Dr Upasana Sethi Ahuja, an Oral Medicine and RadiologyAlumni from the prestigious Institute KLE V.K. IDS. I still cherish the wonderful 3 years I spent in the sprawling campus. College not only provided excellent infrastructure but also ample opportunities for us to grow professionally. And my dept OMR is truly the backbone of the Institute the variety of patients that I got to see in the dept with regular discussions with the faculty made my knowledge concrete and long lasting. I owe my revered teachers a lot for not only nurturing me professionally but also personally. A big thanks to my lovely college and teachers .


Gratitude for my mentors of Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology VK KLE’s Institute of Dental Sciences. My experience during postgraduate tenure from the year 2005’ to 2008’ was insightful and dynamic. Excellent academic growth with state of the art infrastructure, accompanied by magnificent, highly intellectual and supportive faculty members prepared me with lifelong career brilliance.

The learner centric environment crafted here not only trained me academically and in clinical skills but also aided me in my personal growth by refining my ability to manage administrative challenges. Throughout the years, as I find myself transitioning between different positions and roles, I gladly stayed in touch with my mentors and they humbly continue to impart their effective support and encouragement.

‘Thank you for helping me grow’


I am Dr. Harshita Rai a proud alumni of the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology. It’s my immense pleasure to be writing this testimonial for my alma mater. KLE is a university where you can find a true amalgamation of learning and fun. It was a great opportunity to be learning from the masters of the subject who not only inculcated professional skills in me but also transformed me into a better human being. Itis a place where your voice is heard and your opinion count. The faculty and staff are extremely motivating and enthusiastic. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the entire department.