National Service Scheme (NSS)



The NSS unit at KLE Vishwanath Katti Institute of dental sciences provides a platform to the students and faculty for community work and developing a sense of involvement in the tasks of nation-building. Apart from regular academic activities through the NSS.A variety of activities are organized every year to channelize the energy and idealism of the younger generation into creative pursuits.

The NSS wing organizes activities like Blood Donation Camps, Literacy Classes for children of weaker sections, Leadership Workshops, Annual Camps, National Awareness Programmes, “Shramdaan” etc. Even during the global COVID 19 pandemic, the NSS volunteers have come forward to create awareness and helped society through voluntary donations and fieldwork.

Our goal is to not only nurture the treatment skills within the students but also to make them an accomplished social leader, an efficient administrator, and a person who understands human nature.

Total number of programs since 2017-18 – 08 programs

Total number of programs since 2018-19 – 15 programs

Total number of programs since 2019-20 – 18 programs

Road safety awareness