Sl No Year Name of the Faculty/Students Department Title Application No. & Date Status (published / Granted / Applied) Date of Publication
1 2013 Dr Mamata Hebbal
Dr Anil Ankola
Public Health Dentistry Audio Tactile Performance (ATP) Technique for training visually impaired children in oral hygiene maintenance 4887/CHE/2013 Published 30/10/2013
2 2013 Dr Shwetha H.
Dr. Suvarna P.
Dr. Basavraj K
Dr. Renuka M
Dr. Shivayogi M
Department of Periodontics Turmeric gel formulation as an adjunct to scaling and root planning 4418/CHE/2013 A


Published 18/10/2013
3 2017 Dr. Shashikant D
Dr. Shivayogi H.
Dr. Sheetal H
Dr. Suma S
Dr Harshag A
Department of Pedodontics Irrigating solution composition with ethanol extract of  Curcuma longa 201741003970-A
Published 31/03/2017
4 2017 Dr. Santosh Nelogi
Maheshwari Nelogi
Department of Prosthodontics Novel mandibular anterior guide flange devise for the treatment of sleep apnea 201741004010 A
Published 07/04/2017
5 2017 Dr. Anushaka  P
Dr. Shivayogi H
Mr. Vaibhav S
Dr. Vaibhav K
Dr Anil P
Dr. Shweta H
Dr. Alka K.
Department of Pedodontics Oral Cleaning apparatus with audio signals for enhanced oral hygiene 201741032328 A
Published 22/09/2017
6 2017 Dr.Divyata K
Dr. Shivayogi H
Dr. Kanwal R
Mr. U. B. Bolmal
Dr. Shweta H
Dr. Vidyavathi P
Dr. Chaitanya U
Dr. Madhura M
Department of Pedodontics Gel Formulation Of Cocos Nucifera Husk Extract 201741032339 -A
Published 29/09/2017
7 2017 Dr. Divyata K
Dr. Shivayogi H
Dr. Kanwal R
Mr. U. B. Bolmal
Dr. Shweta H
Dr. Niraj G.
Dr. Chandrashekar Badkar
Department of Pedodontics Irrigating Solution Composition With Extracts Of Cocos Nucifrea 201741032340- A
Published 29/09/2017
8 2017 Dr. Renuka M
Dr Ruchi Bhatia
Dr Shweta S. H.
Mr. U. Bolmal
Department of Periodontics Green Extract chip for local drug delivery systems as an adjunct to scaling and root planning 201741044061 A
Published 15/12/2017
9 2018 Dr. Muktai A D.
Dr Shivayogi H.
Ms. Radhika N
Dr Madhura M.
Dr Sanjana S
Dr Shrey M
Dr Anushka P
Department of Pedodontics Multipurpose device for infants 201841042179 A
Published 16/11/2018
10 2018 Dr. Neha Dhaded
Dr Kshipra T.
Dr Preeti K. D
Mr U. Bolmal
Ms Sharvari T.
Dr Sunil Dhaded
Department of Conservative Propolis gel as an intracanal medicament in endodontic treatment of permanent teeth 201841042422 A
Published 16/11/2018
11 2018 Dr. Muktai A. D
Dr Shivayogi H.
Mr U. Bolmam
Dr Madhura M
Dr Sanjay
Dr Shweta S
Ms. Lavanya B
Dr. Sanjana S
Department of Pedodontics Polyherbal gel formation for management of teeth problems 201841041192 A
Published 30/11/2018
12 2019 Dr. Shiala K.
Dr. Megh M
Mr. Bhaskar K
Department of Periodontics Chitosan Based sustained-release gingival patch containing Aceclofenac as a novel localized drug delivery system for pain management post periodontal surgery 2019410101167 A
Published 29.03.2019
13 2019 Dr Raghunath P.
Dr Tejashree C.
Mr.U. B. Bolmal
Dr S. C. Metgud
Department of Prosthodontics Phytopharmaceutical Denture Cleansing formulations 201941043681 A
Published 15.11.2019
14 2019 Dr Prashant K.
Dr Aayush Shah
Mr U. B. Bolmal
Dr S. C. Metgud
Department of Prosthodontics Nano bio gel of garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) 201941047544 A
Published 6.12.2019
15 2019 Dr.Kishore B
Dr Venakata S
Dr Anil Ankola
Dr Roopali S.
Department of Public Health Dentistry Dental Varnish composition methods of preparation and use thereof 201941047908 A
Published 13.12.2019
16 2020 Dr. Kshipra T
Dr Neha Dhaded
Dr Preeti Kore
Mr. U. Bolmal
Ms. Sharvari T
Dr Sunil Dhaded
Department of Conservative Glycyrrhiza glabra gel as an intra-canal medicament in endodontic treatment of Permanent Teeth 201941054463 A
Published 10.01.2020
17 2020 Dr Tejashree Pradhan
Dr Vijay Jayade
Department of Orthodontics Braided Stainless Steel Torquing Auxiliary as a substitute to four spur torquing auxiliary in Begg Treatment 202041000037 A
Published 24.01.2020
18 2020 Dr Santosh Nelogi
Dr Adarsh V. R.
Department of Prosthodontics Hydrogel of moninga, Trigonella and chitosan for implant surface 202041006485 A
Published 06.03.2020
19 2021 Dr. Shweta Kajjari
Dr. Shivayogi M. Hugar
Dr. Vidya S  Patil
Dr. Priya Meharwade
Dr. Chiatanya R U
Dr. Pooja M
Dr,. Rddhi Joshi
Dr. Sanjana Soneta
Department of Pedodontics Mouth Wash Formulation With Aqueous Extract Of Magnifier Indicia 202141010424 A


Published 19/3/2021
20 2021 Dr. Shweta Kajjari
Dr. Shivayogi M. Hugar
Dr. Vanishree B.K
Dr. Trupti V. Sadhunavar
Dr. Chandrashekhar Badakar
Dr. Niraj Gokhale
Dr. Nivedita Saxena
Dr. Pooja Dialani
Department of Pedodontics Formulation of mouthwash with ethanolic extract of mentha arvensis 202141010426 A


Published 26/03/2021
21 2021 Dr Anandkumar Patil Department of Prosthodontics Buccal Intraoral Mirror Sets Design -7/5/21
Published 25/6/2021
22 2021 Dr Anandkumar G. Patil
Mr Abhuljabbar Khan
Dr Sayali Hogepatil
Dr Treasa Richa Roy
Dr Rutvi A Shah
Dr Harpreet Singh Manaktala
Department of Prosthodontics A portable multilevel electro-mechanical and photo-chemical disinfecting device for a removable intra oral prosthesis / dental hardware 202041023010 A
Published 03/12/2021
23 2022 Dr Mallikarjun Dodamani Department of Prosthodontics Advanced level of caries prevention and treatment in xerostomia patients 202221009188 A Published 11/03/2022
24 2022 Dr Abhijit Patil Department of Prosthodontics Medical Products Automated Monitoring System Using IOT Technology 202211010407 A Published 11/03/2022
25 2022 Dr Rohan Hattarki

Dr Roopa Jatti

Department of Orthodontics Guide Plate for Bonded lingual retainers Design – 19/3/2022
Published 27/5/2022
26 2022 Dr Shweta Kumbhojar

Dr Punnya Angadi

Department of Oral Pathology Microscopic Photo-Quilting 202241032961 A
Published 17/6/2022
27 2022 Dr Hema K

Dr Rahul Jaiswal

Department of Prosthodontics A method of synthesizing a composition of antifungal mucoadhesive in-situ gel. 202241023988 A
Published 24/6/2022