Red Cross Society

Introduction :

The Youth Red Cross Unit of our college has always played a proactive role in imbibing and spreading medical and health consciousness among our students and the general public. The unit conducts a mega blood donation campaign every year to reiterate its core belief that donating blood is tantamount to giving life.

We help patients who require blood donation in case of emergencies by arranging a blood donor of the mentioned blood group. We maintain a blood group directory of the undergraduate, postgraduate, teaching and nonteaching staff which is helpful in arranging donors for blood transfusion.

Recently a “HAPPY FRIDGE” with the slogan “FOOD FOR ALL” was installed in our campus by the youth Red Cross wing with the help of KLE University.

Oral Hygiene Health talk for Specially Abled People

HIV Awareness Drive for Truck Drivers 

Blood Grouping for School Students

Inauguration of Happy Fridge

Happy Fridge Inauguration with the Slogan Food for Needy