Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Publications 2010-2020

Sr. No. Title Authors Name of Journal Year /Page No
1. A Simple technique for bonding lingual retainer Rohan S. Hattarki

Shikha Rastogi

International Journal of Orthodontics Vol.26 No1,2015
2. Digit sucking as an etiological factor for skeletal discrepancies: A review Anand Badavannavar Unique Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences  2015,03(2), 63 -67
3. Simultaneous Single tooth Instrusion and Diastema Closure –A Simplified Approach Isha Jain

Rohan S Hattarki

International Journal of Orthodontics Vol.26 No.4  2015
4. Closure Of A Maxillary Midline Diastema Using A Modified Omega Loop Malvika Gandhi

Rohan S Hattarki

K.M. Keluskar

The Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society 2015,Vol 49 Issue 3

Page 161 -162

5. Listening Skills Dr. K.M. Keluskar Perceptions: Vol. 7 (1) -2015
6. HR Spring A Simplified  Approach to Simultaneous Space Gaining and Derotation Anubha M. Rathi

Rohan S. Hattarki

International Journal of Orthodontics Vol.27 No3, 2016
7. Modified essix retainer : an interim restoration Shikha Rastogi

Rohan Hattarki

GUIDENT Journal July 2016,

Page-  42 -44

8. Evaluation of morphology and position of glenoid fossa in Class I and Class II malocclusions- A cephalometric study Nagaraj K. , Roopa Jatti , Sujala Ganapati Durgekar Indian Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Research, 2016,2(4):160-165
9. Comparison of bond strength of ceramic brackets bonded to ceramic surface Dr. Devyani Desai Indian Journal of Dental  Advancements 2016,8(3) 148-154
10. Methods of accelerating orthodonitcs tooth movement Tejashri Pradhan

Dr. K.M. Keluskar

Perceptions: Vol. 8 (1) -2016
11. Pre – prosthetic mini-implant supported orthodontics molar intrusion Unconventional approach: Intrusion – An  Unconventional approach: A Twin case report Dr. Prathamesh Mehta

Dr. Rishi Bhimani

Dr. Anand


International Journal of Current Research Vol 9, Issue, 06, pp52733-52736

June 2017

12. ultrasonographic  evaluation of the circumoral musculature in skeletal classes I and skeletal class II DIVISION 1 malocclusion subjects: A Comparative study Dr. Shikha Rastogi,

Dr. Roopa S. Jatti

Dr. Santosh D Patil

International Journal of Current Research Vol, 9,08, pp.55757 -55761, 2017
13. A Comparative evaluation of different compensating curves and power arm length during retraction of maxillary anterior teeth: A Finite element study Dhvani Doshi

Tejashri Pradhan

Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU Volume 10, Issue 2,2017

Page No. 183 -189

14. Mini Implants in Orthodontics-An Overview Dr. Shika Rastogi, Dr. Roopa S Jatti, Dr. Kanhoba Mahabaleshwar Keluskar Research & Reviews: Journal of dental sciences
15. Comparison of stress distribution in bone and miniscrew and displacement pattern of maxillary anterior teeth by two methods of en-masse retraction: A 3-D finite element analysis Abhishek Jain,, Rohan Hattarki, Priyanka Patel, Vandana Khandelwal, Janhavi Sapre Indian Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Research,;
16. Nonsurgical Management of Severe

Reverse Overbite in a Young Adult

Vanashree Takane

Kanhoba Keluskar,

Amit Jaisinghani

Manjunath Malagan, Roopa Jatti,

Journal Of Clinical Orthodontics 2018, Volume L11 Number 2, Pg. No. 89-94
17. Comparative dentoalveolar assessment molar distalization using pendulum appliance and implant supported distalization appliance-  a prospective sudy Madhuli Bhide, Tejashri Pradhan ,

Abhishek Jain,

Roopa S Jatti

International Journal of Contemporary Medical  Research Volume 5 2018
18.  Canine Retraction and Anchorage Loss using Ceramic with Metal Slots and Stainless Steel MBT Pre-Adjusted Edgewise Brackets – A Comparative Clinical Study  Raj Shah, Tejashri Pradhan, Roopa Jatti, Parthiban K  International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research Volume 5 | Issue 9 | 2018
19. Microbiological Evaluation of Biofilm Formation on the Fixed Twin Block Appliance: A Clinical Trial Vanashree Vilas Takane, Dr. Roopa Jatti, Dr. Kishore Bhat, Dr. Divya Keshan, Dr.Kanhoba Keluskar and Dr. Amit Jaisinghani International Journal of
Oral and Dental Health
20. Evaluation of the effects of laser irradiation on the rate of tooth movement: A splilt – mouth study Urvi Mal ,

Manjunath Malagan

Vikram  G

Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLLEU/ Published by Wolters Kluwer – Medknow Volume 11, Issue 1,


21. Comparison of stress distribution on bone and mini implants during en-masse retraction of maxillary anterior teeth in labial and lingual orthodontics: A 3D Finite Element Analysis Ankita Ringane, Rohan Hattarki Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLLEU/ Published by Wolters Kluwer – Medknow Volume 11, Issue 2, 2018
22. S DAD Spring Manjunath Malagan, Vanashree Takane, Roopa Jatti, Urvi Mal KLESH Lifeline, XXXIV 2018 Page No. 51 to 53
23. Comparison between Written, Video and Typhodontic Appliance in North Karnataka Population – a Hospital Based Study Amit Nilgar

Parthiban K.

KLESH Lifeline, XXXIV  2018 Page No. 23 to 25
24. Comprehensive management of Midline Dviation Secondry to TMJ  Ankylosis in Child –A Case Report Dr. Trupti Sadhunavar

2nd Author

Acta Scientific Dental Sciences ( ISSN : 2581-4893 ) Vol -3 Issue 3 130 to 133 2019
25. “ Comparision of maxillary anterior teeth Intrusion with implants and utility arch- A retrospective cephalometric study” Dr. Amit Nilgar

Dr. Keluskar K M

International Journal of Recent Scientific Research   2019
26. Treatment of a transmigrated and an impacted mandibular canine along with missing maxillary central incisor :  A case report Dr. Tejashri Pradhan

Dr. K M Kelusker

Orthodontic Wave 4th May 2019
27. A Comperative Evaluation of Biofilm formation in cleft and non-Cleft  Population Treated with Bounded Palatal Expanders A Pilot Studey Dr. Roopa Jatti International Journal of Oral and Dental Health Vol: 5

Issue :4

Page : 48-51June 2019

28. An in vitro assessment of microbial contamination of “Asrecieved” and “bench –top exposed” orthodontic materials Dr. Roopa  4th ,

Shikha Rastogi 1st,  Anubha M R-2nd ,Kishor Bhat 3rd

Indian Journal of Orthothodontics and Dentofacial Research Vol 5 Issue 2
29. Mini screw –Supported Fixed –Functional Appliance Theorapy in a Skeletal Class II Patient Abhishek Jain  Garima Jain

Madhuli Bhide Priyanka Patel

Dr. K M Keluskar

Journal of Clinical Orthodontics Volume III number 11


30. Abfraction: Etiopathogenesis, Clinical Aspect, and Diagnostic‑Treatment

Modalities: A Review

Dr. anand Badavannavar Indian Journal of Dental Research 2020
31. Is There Evidence For Novamin Application In Remineralisation?: A Systematic Review Dr. Anand Badavannavar Journal Of Oral Biology And Craniofacial Research 2020
32. A Unique Treatment Approach For

Orthodontic Correction Of A Unilateral

Maxillary Canine-Lateral Incisor

Transposition With Contralateral

Impacted Maxillary Second Premolar

Dr. K M Keluskar The Journal Of Indian Orthodontic Society 2020
33. Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment: A Questionnaire Study Roopa Jatti The Journal Of Indian Orthodontic Society 2020
34. Profile changes after using clarks twinblock appliance in a growing male patient with a skeletal class ii pattern and a recessive lower jaw – a case report Dr. Keluskar, K.M International Journal Of Current Research 2020