Undergraduate research details

As we aim that our students are motivated to attain precision in conducting research and its application for the “Betterment of mankind”. We encourage and sensitize our undergraduate students to take research, as a result we have 7 ICMR Funded studies ,  One IAPHD Funded study and  36 Self -funded studies

1.Undergraduate ICMR funded short term Project

  1. Evaluation of two health education methods regarding ill effects of tobacco in 12 years old school children – A field trial
  2. Dental caries, erosion and its association with dietary factors among 12-15 year old school children in Belgaum City
  3. Assessment of reasons preventing regular dental care among rural population of Belgaum
  4. Knowledge attitude and utilization of dental auxiliaries by Dental practitioner I Belgaum City – A cross sectional study
  5. Dental caries and interdental spacing among 4-6 years old rural & urban children
  6. Oral health related knowledge attitude , practice among pregnant women of Belgaum , urban Rural comparison
  7. Prevalence of caries and oral hygiene status of a chronic  psychiatric patients in KLE Hospital , Belgaum- A cross sectional study

Titles of Undergraduate self-funded research projects

  1. Usage Of Social Networking Among Healthcare Students Of KAHER University And It’s Association With Their Academic Performance – A Cross Sectional Study
  2. Comparative Content analysis of school textbooks of CBSE, ICSE and state board schools in Karnataka
  3. Cross sectional study to assess patients perception about dentist’s attire
  4. A Cross Section study on myths & misconceptions about oral health among slum dwellers of Belagavi City.
  5. Prevalence of tobacco use in high school children of Belagavicity .
  6. Assessment of willingness of patients for treatment based on cost factor
  7. Assessment of knowledge of students from 3rd BDS, 4th BDS &Interns in dental radiology in Maratha Mandala dental college and V.K.I.D.S , Belgaum
  8. Critical review of the validity of patient satisfaction questionnaires pertaining to oral health care
  9. To assess various factors associated with tooth sensitivity among patients visiting KLE VKIDS in Belagavi city.
  10. Impact of traumatic dental injuries & aesthetics on oral health related quality of life.
  11. Anxiety of dental treatment among the patients visiting primary health centres in Yellur and Belagavi.
  12. Comparative association between socioeconomic status and oral health.
  13. Oral hygiene and habits in children of 2-5 year old children of Belagavi.
  14. Dental awareness among 12-15 years old children of Belagavi.
  15. Detoxification of mind.
  16. Oral hygiene in subjects from de-addiction and rehabilitatoncenters.
  17. Prevalence of malocclusion and its relationship with caries among school children aged 11 – 15 years in southern India.
  18. Prevalence of Oral Sub mucous Fibrosis among people of peri urban area of Lucknow City.
  19. Demographic, socio-economic, behavioral and clinical variables associated with caries activity.
  20. Oral health status and treatment needs among sugar factory workers in Mandya district, Karnataka, India.
  21. Awareness of Consumer Protection Act among dental health professionals in dental schools of Ghaziabad, India.
  22. Prevalence Of Malocclusion And Its Relationship With Caries Among School Children Aged 11 – 15 Years In Southern India.
  23. Prevalence Of Dental Caries And Periodontal Status In A  Sugarcane Factory Workers In Belgaum Taluka
  24. Demographic, Socioeconomic And Clinical Variable Associated With Dental Caries Among An Age Group Of 18-60 Years Attending Kle Dental Hospital Of Belgaum City.
  25. Prevalence of dental caries and oral hygiene status among age group of 35 to 44 years in Belgaum City, Karnataka.
  26. Health related lifestyle behaviors , socio-demographic characteristics and use of dental health services in Adolescents
  27. Eruption times and patterns of permanent teeth in school children of India.
  28. Influence of children’s oral health related quality of life on school performance and school absenteeism.
  29. Evaluating the status of third molars & associated pathologies among 18 to 25 years students of Belgaum city.
  30. Assessment of prevalence of early childhood caries and risk assessment in Anganwadi school children aged 0-5 years in Belgaum district, using CAT Tool.
  31. Knowledge and perception of adolescent regarding oral health care and tooth sensitivity and their management in Belagavi city.
  32. Awareness and impact of malocclusion and need for orthodontic treatment in young adults in Belgaum.
  33. To assess various factors associated with tooth sensitivity among patients visiting KLE VKIDS in Belgavi city.
  34. Impact of traumatic dental injuries & aesthetics on oral health related quality of life.
  35. Anxiety of dental treatment among the patients visiting primary health centers in Yellur and Belagavi.
  36. Comparative association between socioeconomic status and oral health.
  1. Postgraduate research projects

With the aptitude to excel in the research projects our postgraduate students take up various researches. Our post graduates have completed 3 External Funded studies  and 27 Self –funded researches

Titles of Postgraduates external funded research studies

  1. Assessment of Dental Caries, Periodontal Status and Self Perception of Oral Health among  Patients  with  Type 2 Diabetes  Mellitus in Belagavi city- A case control study.–sponsored by ICMR.
  2. Oral Health Status and Treatment Needs among 3-5 year old children attending Anganwadi Centers of Belgaum City : A Cross-Sectional study.—sponsored by Colgate Palmolive
  3. Comparison of effectiveness for stevia rebaundianna and chlorhexidine mouthrinses on salivary streptococcus mutans, lactobaccilus, acidophilus count, plaque and gingival scores among 12-15 year old government school children in Belagavi city: A RCT. –sponsored byIAPHD

Titles of Postgraduates self funded research studies segregate in short and main

  1. Violence against dentists in Karnataka- a Questionnaire-based study
  2. Comparative assessment of oral health-related quality of life of children with hearing impairment ad visual impairment in Belagavi city
  3. Effect of three different Indian sweets on acidogenic potential of plaque – A Randomized controlled trial
  4. Oral health and adverse habit prevalence among professional truck drivers in North Karnataka – A cross sectional Study
  5. Assessment of attitude, knowledge and practice of plagiarism among postgraduate students of KAHER University, Belagavi- A cross sectional study
  6. Assessment of knowledge, perception and fear of covid -19 among patients attending KLEVKIDS Belagavi during covid-19 lockdown period – A cross sectional study
  7. Impact of lockdown on the dental practice among professional dentists in Belagavi City- A Cross-sectional study.
  8. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on mental health of general public of India- A Cross-sectional study.