SL No. Title of Publication Authors Journal
1 Effectiveness of various irrigant activation techniques on the penetration of sodium hypochlorite into lateral canals of mature permanent teeth: A systematic review and meta-analysis Ram Surath Kumar a, Anil V. Ankola  , Roopali M. Sankeshwari , Mamata Hebbal b, *, Vinuta Hampiholi , Lokesh Kumar S , Apurva Prashant Deshpande  , Abhra Roy Choudhury, Atrey J. Pai Khot Saudi Dental Journal
2 Evaluation of a “Picture Assisted Illustration Reinforcement” (PAIR) System for Oral Hygiene in Children with Autism: A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial Atrey J. Pai Khot  , Abhra Roy Choudhury  , Anil V. Ankola  , Roopali M. Sankeshwari  , Vinuta Hampiholi  , Mamata Hebbal  , Sagar Jalihal, Ram Surath Kumar, Laxmi Kabra 1 and Sree Lalita Kotha  Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute(MDPI)-Children
3 Pediatric Dental Fluorosis and Its Correlation with Dental Caries and Oral-Health-Related Quality of Life: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study among Preschool Children Living in Belagavi Vaibhav Kumar  , Ridhima Gaunkar , Jasleen Thakker  , Anil V. Ankola  , Mamata Iranna Hebbal  , Atrey J. Pai Khot , Virinder Goyal  , Amel Ali  and Elzahraa Eldwakhly , Saudi Dental Journal
4 Comparative Efficacy of Different Irrigant Activation Techniques for Irrigant Delivery Up to the Working Length of Mature Permanent Teeth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Ram Surath Kumar, Anil Ankola, Mateen Peerzade,Roopali Sankeshwari,Vinuta Hampiholi,Atrey Pai Khot,Mehul Ajit Shah European Endodontic Journal
5 Unleashing the most effective oral health education intervention technique for improving the oral hygiene status and oral health knowledge in visually impaired young individuals: A systematic review and meta‑analysis Apurva P Deshpande, Anil V Ankola, Roopali Sankeshwari, Sagar Jalihal, Deepika V Bhat, Abhra Roy Choudhury, Ram Surath Kumar, Atrey Pai Khot Journal of Education and Health Promotion
6 Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice among the Healthcare Professionals regarding the myths on COVID-19 vaccination – Demystified. Dr. Lokesh Kumar BDS., MDS., Dr. Zameera Naik, Dr. Arun Panwar,Dr. Sridhar M., Dr. Vaishali Keluskar Dr. Ram Surath Kumar K Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management
7 Significance of manual dexterity tests in Dentistry: AReview Dr Shrivardhan Kalghatgi, Dr Tanushri Dalvi,Dr. Krishna Haval,Dr Dilip Magdum,Dr Prajakta Chavan,  Dr. Chetan Patil A Journal for New Zealand Herpetology
8 Knowledge and Attitude Toward the Practice of Circular Economy in Conjunction with Biomedical Waste Management Among Dental Practitioners and Technicians in Belagavi, India Varkey Nadakkavukaran Santhosh,Anil Ankola,Roopali Sankeshwari,Sagar Jalihal,Atrey J. Pai Khot,Anu Sara Varghese,Prajakta Chavan Journal of Laboratory Physicians
9 Assessment of potential antimicrobial activity of Ocimum basilicum extract and chlorhexidine against Socransky’s complex pathogens of oral cavity: An in vitro study Atrey J. Pai Khot, Anil V. Ankola, Suneel Dodamani,Roopali M. Sankeshwari, Ram Surath Kumar, Varkey Nadakkavukaran Santhosh Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
10 Antimicrobial Efficacy of Essential Oils and Their Combination Against Microorganisms Associated With Postradiation Therapy in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer: An In Vitro Study Mehul A. Shah , Roopali M. Sankeshwari , Anil V. Ankola , Suneel Dodamani , Shivani Tendulkar ,Sagar Jalihal , Atrey J. Pai Khot , Anu Sara Varghese , Prajakta Chavan Cureus journal of medical sciences
11 Dental curriculum reform in India: Undergraduate students’ awareness and perception on the newly proposed choice based credit system Laxmi Kabra, Varkey Nadakkavukaran Santhosh , Richa Naomi Sequeira, Anil V. Ankola, David Coutinho Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
12 Assessing effectiveness of braille and audio-tactile performance technique in improving oral hygiene status of young adults with visual impairment David Albert Coutinho, Archana Krishna Murthy, Mugdha Khond,Prashant Pawar, Smita Malbhage, Madhuri Nikam Special Care In Dentistry
13 Relationship between body mass index (BMI) and oral health status among government bus drivers of Belagavi, India: A cross-sectional study Mehul A. Shah , Roopali M. Sankeshwari, Anil V. Ankola, Ram Surath Kumar,Varkey Nadakkavukaran Santhosh, Atrey J. Pai Khot, Anu Sara Varghese Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health
14 Remineralising potential of Ocimum basilicum varnish and fluoride varnish on initial enamel caries: An in vitro microscopic study Atrey J. Pai Khot, Anil V. Ankola, Veena V. Naik, Roopali M. Sankeshwari, Ram Surath Kumar,Mehul A. Shah Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology