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1 Comparison and assessment of the oral hygiene status and uses satisfaction of a novel toothbrush : A questionnaire study Rishi Ashok Bhimani, Shaila Veerappa Kothiwale Indian Journal of Health Sciences, & Biomedical Research K.L.E.U. June 2017 160-166
2 In Vivo Comperative Evaluation of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Formocresol pulpotomy in Primery Molars :A 60 Month follow-up study Dr. Shweta Huger Contemporary Clinical Dentistry April -2017 122127
3 Comparative Evaluation of Inhibitory Effect of Curcumin and Doxycycline on Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Activity in Chronic Periodontitis Guru SRKothiwale SVSaroch NGuru RC. Indian Journal of Dental Research November  2017 Volume 28(5),


4 Granuloma gravidarum associated with pregnancy: A case report  MA Kaderi, AB Mahajani, NA Shetti Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene 2018
5 Evaluation of Anti‑inflammatory effect
of chorion membrane in periodontal
pocket therapy: A clinical and
biochemical study
Shaila Kothiwale, Jyoti Ajbani Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology 2018
6 Formulation of thermoreversible gel of cranberry juice concentrate:

Evaluation, biocompatibility studies and its antimicrobial activity against

periodontal pathogens

Dr. Rajeshwari H R , Dr. Renuka Metgud

Dr. Shweta Huger

Materials Science & Engineering C March 2017 Page 1-6
7 Comparative Evaluation of Clinical and Radiographic Success of Formocresol, Propolis, Turmeric Gel, and Calcium Hydroxide on Pulpotomized Primary Molars: A Preliminary Study Dr. Shweta Huger International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry, January-March 2017; 10(1):18-23
8 Cheilitis Granulomatosa –A Case report Dr. Shaila Kothiwale International Journal of Science and Research Methodology April 2017 Volume (6 ) Issue -2
9 Non Surgical Periodontal Management of Severe Generalized Gingival Enlargement in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus- positive Patient : A Case report Rishi Bhimani Menaka K B, Renuka Metgud , Vimal Munot, Ramesh Nayakar International Journal of Scientific Study May 2017 Volume 5, Issue -2
10 Periodontal Regeneration for Intrabony Defect and class II Furcaion Involvement –A Case Series Dr. Shweta Hugar

Dr. Neelamma S Dr. Renuka Metgud

International Journal of Current Research July 2017 54846-54849
11 Comparative Evaluation Of Oral Microbial Profile In Periodontitis And Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Patients Villas S. Pattar, Renuka Metgud International Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research August, 2017   Vol. 3, Issue, 08, pp.2219-2222,
12 Knowledge And Attitude About Relationship Between Oral Hygiene Practices And Respiratory Diseases Among Medical Professionals In Belgaum City – A Questionnaire Study Vilas S. Pattar*., Renuka Metgud., Prashant A. Karni and Abhishek Zingade International Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research September, 2017 Vol. 3, Issue, 09, pp.2286-2289,
13 In –vitro evaluation of antibactrcal potential of cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives for intraoral wound closure Dr. Menaka K B ,

Dr. Renuka Metgud

Dr. Murtaza

JDMT September 2017 Volume -6 Issue  -4


14 “Evaluation of bacterial profile and its antibiotic sensitivity in

endodontic-periodontal lesions namely primary periodontic ,

primary endodontic and true combined lesions”-a randomized

controlled trial

Dr Pooja P Naik Dr Vinayak


International Journal Of Scientific Research July-2018 | Volume-7, Issue-7, PRINT ISSN No 2277 – 8179


Assessment and comparison of the antibacterial activity of punica granatum with chlorhexidine against porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella intermedia, aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans: An in vitro study Dr. Priyanka Naik,

Dr. Renuka Metgud,

Dr. Murtaza Kaderi,

Dr. Syed Asem

International journal of recent scientific research April 2018 Vol 9, Issue 4
16 Periodontal Regenerative Therapy in Deep Intrabony

Defects Associated with Maxillary Central Incisors

Using Cortico-Cancellous Block Allograft with Chorion

Membrane: A Case Report

Shaila Kathiwale, Murtaza Kaderi, Rishi Bhimani Journal of

Dentistry and Oral Case

Dec-2018 Care 4(2): 47-51.
17 Effect of gallium‑arsenic laser on

photosensitized periodontopathic

anaerobic organisms: An in vitro study

Setu Mathur, Shaila Veerappa Kothiwale,Buddhi Prakash Nag,Tanu Mathur,

Ashoka Bhansali,Rohit Kumar Khatri

Jr. of Indian society of periodontology December 13, 2018 Vol-20 (4)




Comparative study of DFDBA and FDBA

block grafts in combination with chorion

membrane for the treatment of periodontal

intra-bony defects at 12 months post


Shaila Kothiwale, Rishi Bhimani,

Murtaza Kaderi & Jyoti Ajbani

Cell and Tissue Banking

International Journal for Banking,

Engineering and Transplantation

of Cells and Tissues Incorporating

Advances in Tissue Banking

19 Treatment of Gingival Recession Associated with Non-Carious Cervical Lesions Using Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement with Connective Tissue Graft a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Mugdha R Gharat, Abhishek N Zingade, Renuka Metgud, Jyoti M Ajbani, Murtaza A Kaderi Journal of Dental Materials & Techniques 2019, Vol-8 (2), 85-94
20 Review article : Depigmentation: A novel classification and review Dr. Megh Mehta, Dr. Vilas Pattar and Dr. Aditi Mahajani International Journal of Current Research July 2019 Vol 11, Issue 7 P. No. 5427-5430
21 Salivary calcium as a diagnostic tool for screening of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women Shweta V. K, Alka D. Kale, Vinayak R. K. Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Pathology May-August 2019 Volume 23,Issue 2, P.No. 192-197
22 Management of recalcitrant oral pemphigus  Vugararis – A case report Neelamma A. Shetti

Kandhari R.K.

International journal of science research June 2020 Volume -9 Issue -6, P No 1-2
23 Research article pre-diabetic and type 2 diabetic risk in chronic periodontitis patients Dr. Aditi Mahajani, Dr. Menaka KB and Dr. Vinayak Kumbhojkar International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences July, 2020 Vol. 09, No. 07, pp.3297-3300