Sl no Name of the Patent/ Copyright awardee Patent/Copyright Number Title of the patent/Copyright Year patent was awarded/published
1 Dr. Rajesh Swami 378989-001 Metric Hot dental plate 01-05-2023
2 Dr. Rajesh Swami 378990-001 Metric dental wax knife May-23
3 Dr. Rajesh Swami 378991-001 Dental wax spoon May-23
4 Tejaswi Gadhiraju 368018-001 Modified mouthguard Mar-23
5 Dr Annabel,Dr Arvind shetti 374389-001 Tongue retractor with incorporated suction Mar-23
6 Amit Nilgar, K. M. Keluskar, Rohan Hattarki, Trupti Sadhunavar 383653-001 Multi-utility orthodontic wire tucker 23-Jul
7 Adithi Rao, Tejashri Pradhan 387839-001 Diastema closure with tongue training appliance 23-Aug
8 Dr. Rajesh Swami 385844-001 Dental inter-shade matching device May-23
9 Tejashri Pradhan 460021 Braided stainless steel torquing auxiliary as a substitute to four spur torquing auxiliary in Begg treatment Oct-23
10 Dr Rohan Hattarki 394817-001 self activation wrap around retainer Sep-23
11 Dr.Jayraj, Dr.Vaishali Keluskar,
Dr.Shivayogi Charantimath
382975-001 Paediatric Syringe with extenstion 01-04-2023
12 Dr. Rajesh Swami 396410-001 Posteriorly extended pin in dental articulator Nov-23
13 Dr. Gowsalya 396399-001 portable dental uv sterilizer Nov-23
14 Dr. Ram Surath Kumar K L-131054/2023 Visual Performance Reinforcement Technique July 23 COPYRIGHT GRANTED

Sr. No. Year Name of Faculty / Students Department Title Application No. & Date Status (Published / Granted / Applied) Date of Publication Date of Granted
1 2013 Dr Shwetha Hugar Department of Periodontics Turmeric gel formulation as an adjunct to scaling and root planning 4418/CHE/2013 A
Published & Granted 18/10/2013 28/01/2020
2 2017 Dr. Neha Shashikant Dhariwal Dr. Shivayogi. M Hugar Department of Pedodontics Irrigating solution composition with ethanol extract of curcuma longa 201741003970-A
Published & Granted 31/03/2017 27/11/2020
3 2017 Dr. Divyata Kohli Dr. Shivayogi M. Hugar Department of Pedodontics Gel Formulation Of Cocos Nucifera Husk Extract 201741032339 -A
Published & Granted 29/09/2017 14/12/2021
4 2019 Dr Roopali Sankeshwar Department of Public Health Dentistry Dental Varnish composition methods of preparation and use thereof 201941047908 A
Published & Granted 13/12/2019 23/12/2020
5 2020  Dr Neha Dhaded
Dr Preeti Kore
Department of Conservative Glycyrrhiza glabra gel as an intra canal medicament in endodontic treatment of Permanent Teeth 201941054463 A
Published & Granted 10/01/2020 04/05/2022
6 2021 Dr. Shweta Kajjari
Dr.. Shivayogi M. Hugar
Dr. Vidya S Patil
Dr. Priya Meharwade
Dr. Chiatanya R Uppin
Dr. Pooja M
Dr,. Rddhi Joshi
Dr. Sanjana Soneta
Department of Pedodontics Mouth Wash Formulation With Aqueous Extract Of Magnifier Indicia 202141010424 A
Published & Granted 19/03/2021 27/01/2022
7 2017 Dr. Divyata K
Dr. Shivayogi HDr Kanwal R
Mr U. B. Bolmal
Dr Shweta H
Dr Niraj G.
Dr Chandrashekar
Department of Pedodontics Department of Pedodontics
Irrigating Solution Composition With Extracts Of Cocos Nucifrea
201741032340- A
Published & Granted 29/09/2017 30/05/2022
8 2018 Dr Neha Dhaded
Dr Preeti Kore
Department of Conservative Propolis gel as an intracanal medicament in endodontic treatment of permanent teeth 201841042422 A
Published & Granted 16/11/2018 16/08/2022
9 2021 Dr. Shweta Kajjari
Dr. Shivayogi M. Hugar
Dr. Vanishree B.K
Dr. Trupti V. Sadhunavar
Dr. Chandrashekhar Badakar
Dr. Niraj Gokhale
Dr. Nivedita Saxena
Dr. Pooja Dialani
Department of Pedodontics Formulation of mouthwash with ethanolic extract of mentha arvensis 202141010426 A
Published & granted 26/03/2021 29.09.2022