Thrust Areas For Research

  1. Tobacco-related oral diseases: Belgaum falls in the tobacco belt of the country. Tobacco and areca nut related oral mucosal lesions are widely prevalent. Areas of research include detection/screening of tobacco-induced mucosal lesions, treatment using allopathic and alternative medicine.The department maintains a registry of tobacco users and tobacco-induced lesions.
  2. Oral mucosal lesions: management of oral mucosal lesions of psychosomatic and organic origin is also undertaken. Whenever necessary, interdisciplinary treatments are also administered.
  3. Chronic orofacial pain: Patients reporting with chronic orofacial pain are offered counseling and treatment. A multidisciplinary approach to treatment is practiced.

Research Publications– Dissertations 2016 – 2019


Sl Name of researcher Title Name Of The Guide
1 Dr. Vishwanath Pattar Comparison of clinical & histopathological presentation of leukoplakia among tobacco users – A Hospital based study Dr.Anjana Bagewdi
2 Dr. Pushpa S Rose Bengal stain as a diagnostic aid in    detecting oral potentially malignant lesions among tobacco chewers – a hospital based study. Dr.Vaishali Keluskar
3 Dr. Varun Nair  Assessment of Candidal species diversity and its correlation with clinical presentation of oral candidiasis in HIV patients in Belgaum district – a cross sectional study. Dr.Arvind Shetti


Sl Name of researcher Title Name Of The Guide
1 Dr. Manisha Singh Comparison of Effectiveness of calendula officials extract with lycopene gel for treatment of tobacco induced homogenous leukoplakia – Randomized clinical study Dr.Anjana Bagewdi
2 Dr. Harshita Rai Accuracy of measurements of for men magnum and occipital condyle as an indicator for sex determination using 3D computed tomography Dr.Vaishali Keluskar
3 Dr. Ruchika Garg Comparison of effectiveness of aloe vera gel and clobetasol propionate for topical treatment of oral lichen planus – a double blind randomized clinical study Dr.Arvind Shetti


Sl Name of researcher Title Name of the guide
1 Dr. Harpreet Kaur Assessment and comparison of levels ofN-nitrosonornicotine

and 4-N-methyl nitrosamino-1,3-pyridyl-1-butanone in the saliva of tobacco chewers andnonchewers- A  HospitalBased Study

D    Dr.Vasanti


2 Dr. Deepti Biswas Effectiveness of topical Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) paste as amode

of treatment in OSMF patients- a clinical trial.

Dr.Zameera Naik
3 Dr. Ram Kumar Relationship OF maxillary 1st molar roots with the floor of maxillary sinus in cone beam computed tomography view (descriptive study) Dr.Shivayogi Charantimath


Sl Name ofresearcher Title Name Of The Guide
1 Dr. Lidiya Thomas Effect of smokeless tobacco as a risk factor in periodontal health  status  in diabetic patients : aclinical and digital radiographic crosssectional study Dr.Vasanti Jirge
2 Dr. Prabhavati A. Wadeyar Comparison of effectiveness of Spirulina and Lycopene as an adjuvant to corticosteroid(Triamcinolone acetonide) injection in

the management of oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF)-Randomized control trial

Dr.Shivayogi Charantimath
3 Dr. Roshani M Comparison of efficacy topical coconut oil and clobetasol propionate  ointment for topical treatment of oral lichen planus – a double blind randomized clinical study Dr.Zameera Naik
4 Dr.Ansari Sulem Comparison of effectiveness of moringaoleifera leaves extract gel (2%) with retino a (0.1%) cream for treatment of oral leukoplakia : double blinded  randomized control trial ” Dr.Shivayogi Charantimath
5 Dr.Arun Panwar Assessment of Carbon Monoxide in breath and cotinine in saliva among smokers and non-smokers: A Case control study (On going) Dr.Vaishali Keluskar
6 Dr.Lokesh Kumar S Comparative evaluation of efficacy of Nigella sativa(Black seed) cream and Clobetasol propionate ointment for the management of

Oral lichen planus-A double randomized control trial”. (ON GOING)

Dr.Zameera Naik

Research Publications – Short term projects from 2016-2020

S. No Name of the student Name of the project Year
1. Dr. Aditi Rathod Intern A study assessing the knowledge & practice regarding the systemic effects of oral diseases among the medical interns- 2016
2. Miss. Anushree (III BDS) Knowledge about appropriate radiation protection measures amongst students and Interns of KLE VKIDS, Belagavi- a questionnaire study. 2016
3. Miss. Apurva Deshpande,III DS Estimation of salivary flow in oral submucous fibrosis patients using vibro-tactile stimulation 2016
4. Dr. Abhishek Roy, Intern Botex in TMJ disorders, 2016
5. Dr. Abhishek Roy, Intern To assess association of oral habits & TMJ disorders in adolescent, alcohol – study 2016
6. Dr. Daneshwari Koshti Assessment of taste perception in tobacco users with & without potential malignant disorders – a comparative study 2016
7. Dr. Ram Kumar Effectiveness of oxitard capsule in treatment of oral submucous fibrous patients – A Pilot Study 2017
8. Dr. Ram Kumar Comparison between soft & hard occlusal splint therapy in the management of myofacial & temporomandibular disorder pain – A Pilot Study 2017
9. Urvi Thanekar Assessment of knowledge, attitude & clinical skills in Geriatrics patients with pain between interns & postgraduates of two colleges 2017
10. Urvi Thanekar Tongue based forensic identification – a short study 2017
11. Dr. Vasanti Jirge Effectiveness of therapeutic & ultrasound on an adjuvant to intraregional triamcinolone autonide injections in management of oral submucous fibrosis – a randomized single blind trial 2017
12. Dr. Zameera Naik Assessment of pain grade and sleep quality in temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) patients using brief pain inventory and Pittsburgh sleep quality index – A Questionnaire study 2017
13. Dr. Shivayogi Charantimath Oral Health awareness, status & treatment needs among pregnant women – A cross sectional study 2017
14. Simran IV BDS Knowledge and practice regarding safety standards of oral radiology among dental practitioners in Belgaum city, Karnataka 2017
15. Miss Ayesha Intern Effects of using mobile phone on volumetric changes in salivary flow rate. 2018
16. Miss. Mounica Intern Awareness about Hepatitis B among Patients attending a Dental Hospital. 2018
17. Shreya IV BDS Knowledge awareness practice of complementary and alternative medicine for oral health care management 2018
18. Dr.Ansari Sulem A Retrospective Study on Incidental Finding of Maxillary Sinus Pathology by Cone beam computed tomography : A cross sectional observational study. 2019
19. Dr.Ansari Sulem Low-level Laser Therapy: A Exemplary Therapeutic Approach to Temporomandibular Disorder – A Randomized, Single-blinded, Placebo-controlled Trial. 2019
20. Dr.Ansari Sulem A retrospective study on cyst and tumor of oral cavity : A record based study 2019
21. Dr. Arun Panwar Evaluation of styloid process using digital Orthopantomogram in symptomatic patients of styalgia: A prospective study 2019
22. Dr. Arun Panwar Assessment and comparison of Breath Carbon Monoxide and salivary cotinine levels among smokers and non-smokers: A pilot study 2019
23. Dr. Lokesh Kumar S Comparative evaluation of efficacy of Nigella sativa(Black seed) cream and Clobetasol propionate ointment for the management of Oral lichen planus- A pilot study 2019
24. Dr. Lokesh Kumar S Determiation of the prevalence of temporomandibular joint disorders and their correlation with gender and psychological factors in Indian 2020


Sl. No. Topic Principal Investigator Co- Investigator Date & Year
1. Detection of HPV 16 and HPV 18 in potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer Dr. Vaishali Keluskar Dr. Kajal Gokak 2015
2. Effectiveness of laser therapy in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis. Dr. Shivayogi Charantimath 2018
3. Assessing readiness to quit tobacco use, understand reason for quitting and not quitting – A hospital based questionnaire Dr.Daneshwari Koshti 2018



  1. Intra – Osseous Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Mandible – A case Report 2016.

            Dr. Ruchika Garg, Dr. Anjana Bagewadi, Dr. SidrameshMuttagi Primary

  1. Knowledge of appropriate prescription of Dental Radiographs among Interns of Two Dental Institutes of Belagavi City: A Questionnaire Study2016.

           Dr. Parul Tyagi, Zameera Naik, Maria Ana Karina Erica De PledadeSequeira,

  1. Estimation and Comparison of the thickness of the Maxillary Antral Floor in sagittal & Coronal Sections Using CBCT images – A Retrospective Study 2016.

          Dr. Ruchika Garg, Dr. Arvind Shetti, Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. Assessment & comparison of Salivary Survivin Biomarker in Oral Leukoplakia, Oral Lichen Planus, & Oral Cancer: A Comparative Study 2017.

          Dr. Ruchika Garg, Dr. Arvind Shetti,Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. To evaluate association of Oral Habits and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders in Adolescents: A Cohort study2017.

            Dr. ShivayogiCharantimath, Dr. Abhishek Roy

  1. Evaluation of edentulous patients on panoramic radiographic: a radiographic survey study 2017.

         ShivayogiCharantimath, Vaishali Keluskar, Anjana Bagewadi, Arvind Shetti

  1. Comparison of effectiveness of Calendula officinalis extract gel with Lycopene gel for treatment of tobacco –induced homogeneous leukoplakia: A randomized clinical trial2017.

         Dr. Manisha Singh, Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. Total Antioxidant Capacity of Saliva: An Effective Marker of Stress2017.

       Maria Ana Karina Erica De PiedadeSequeira, Zameera Naik

  1. Ameloblastic Fibroma: A Rare Case Report2017.

          Namratha Patil

  1. Palatal Rugoscopy As A Method Of Gender Determination In Marathwada Population2017.

           Prashant V. Male, Vijayalaxmi, SnehaKhanapure, VarshaAjitSangle and Namratha Patil

  1. Evaluation of Fasting blood sugar levels in oralcancer, potentially malignant disorders and in patients with tobacco habit—a case control study 2017.

         Dr. Namratha. Patil

  1. Giant submandibular sialolith and residual cyst on contralateral side: a case report of tooth like stone 2017.

          Dr. Harshita Rai, Dr. Vaishali Keluskar, Dr. ShivayogiCharantimath Dr. Anjana Bagewadi,

  1. Comparison of Lipid Profile Levels in Tobacco Chewerswith and without Leukoplakia – A Hospital Based Study 2017.

          Radha A. Raut, Anjana S. Bagewadi

  1. Effectiveness of an Early Clinical Exposure Module onthe Performance of Second Year Dental Students – A Randomized Controlled Study 2017.

        Kamal Shigli,Sushma S Nayak,BanashreeSankeshwari, DeeptiFulari, SwapnilChopade, UmeshWadgave, VasantiJirge and     VikneshanMurugaboopathy

  1. Comparison of accuracy in age estimation by modified kvaal’s formula and coronal pulp cavity index- a radiographic 2018.

       Dr. Pushpa, Dr. Vaishali Keluskar,Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. “Double tooth – gemination or fusion and diagnostic confusions:  a case report with clinical considerations” 2018.

          Dr. Lidiya,Thomas, Dr. VasantiJirge, Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. Assessment and co-relation of salivary parameters with dental erosion and caries in gastroesophageal reflux disorder patients – a Hospital Based study 2018.

        Dr. Harpreet Kaur Gandhoke ,Dr. VasantiLagaliJirge, Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. Relationship of psychological Characteristics & oral diseases & inpatients with psychosomatic disorders – A hospital-basedstudy 2018.

        Dr. Harpreet Kaur Gandhoke, Dr. VasantiLagaliJirge,Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. Association of Oral Cancer with Right Hand Digit Ratio (2D:4D) Using Radiographic And Photographic Method” 2018.

          Kajal Gokak,Vaishali Keluskar, Anjana Bagewadi

  1. Assessment and comparison of the levels of N-nitrosonornicotine and 4-(n-methyl-n –nitrosamino) -1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone in the saliva of tobacco chewers and nonchewers -a hospital-based study2018.

         Dr. Harpreet Kaur Gandhoke 1, Dr. VasantiLagaliJirge2 , Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. Estimation of salivary flow in oral submucous fibrosis patients using vibrotactile stimulation2018.

         Dr Apurva Deshpande, Dr Kajal V Gokak

  1. Labial and Gingival Tuberculosis – A rare case report, 2019.

         Dr Kajal.

  1. Estimation of salivary flow in oral submucous fibrosis patients using vibrotactile stimulation 2016.

           Dr. Namratha Patil, Dr. Venkatewarlu, Dr. P Geetha .

  1. Diversity and clinical presentation of Candidiasis  species in human immunodeficiency virus patients with oral Candidiasis 2019.

          Dr.Varun Nair, Dr.ArvindShetti

  1. Intraoral venous malformation A case report with review of literature and illustration of the clinical entity, 2019.

           Dr.Lidiya,Dr.Zameera Naik, Dr.VasantiJirage, Dr.AnjanaBagewadi

  1. Comparison Of Effectiveness Of Spirulina And Lycopene as an Adjuvant to Corticosteroid (Triamcinolone Acetonide) Injection In The Management Of Oral Submucous Fibrosis) –Randomized Controlled 2019.


  1. Assessment of Serum Total Sialic Acid And Lipid Bound Sialic Acid Levels In Patients With Leukoplakia And Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma-A Case Control Study,2020

           Dr DaneshwariKoshti, Dr Arvind Shetti, Dr Anjana Bagewadi, Dr Anuradha Patil

  1. Current status of Gerodontology curriculum in India and other parts of the world: A narrative review2020.


  1. Comparison Of Morphological Aspects of Tongue Prints Of Indian And Malaysian Population In Racial Identification: A Pilot Study 2020

          Dr.Kajal Gokak

  1. Dentigerous Cyst withAmeloblastomatous Proliferation aswell as Calcifications: An Unusual Presentation 2020.

          Shreya S. Saha, Harpreet K Gandhoke1, BasudevMahato, Tushar Deb

  1. Dietary counseling: A requisite in geriatric prosthodontics 2020.

           Kamal Shigli, Sushma S. Nayak,Kavitha Menon, Vasanti L. Jirge,SivaranjaniGali, Mansi Patil,Tejas Limaye, Anand Ambali,


  1. Bilateral fusion of permanent mandibular incisors anterior: a rare developmental anomaly 2016.

          Dr. Harshita Rai, Dr. Vaishali Keluskar,  Dr. Anjana Bagewadi

  1. A Survey Of Attitude Towards Complementary And Alternative Medicine Among First Year Undergraduate Medical Students In Belgaum 2016.

         Dr. Rajashree R, Dr. Vasanti VL Jirge, Dr. Parineetha B, Dr. Shivprasad S Goudar

  1. Are multiple choice questions for post graduate dental enterenceexamations spot on? – Items analysis of MCQ’s in Prosthodontics in India 2017.

        Shigli K, Nayak SS, Upadhya N, Kishore KS, Fulari D, Jirge V, Sankeshwari B, Gali

  1. The promotion conundrum: Is it time for reform in Indian dental schools? 2018.

          VasantiLagali-Jirge, Kamal Shigli

  1. Prevalence of hypertension among the elderly people of Belgravia city, Karnataka: A community based cross sectional study 2019.

           Dr .Zameera

  1. Change has Become a Necessity: Curricular Reforms and Change Management is What we need2019.

          Dr. VasantiLagaliJirge

  1. Association And Correlation Of Dermatoglyphics And Cheiloscopy In Head And Neck Cancer- Unsnarling Conundrum 2019.

          Dr Apurva Deshpande , Dr Kajal. V.Gokak, Dr Anjana  Bagewadi