Research Projects

Our researches are focused on herbal dentistry, material sciences and implants. Around 50 dissertations and short studies have been completed from the year 2016. The details of those is as follows-




1. 2016 – 2019 To Evaluate And Compare The Effect Of  Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles And Nanocellulose On The Tensile Strength, Tear Strength And Permanent Deformation Of Maxillofacial Silicone Elastomer  Subjected To Accelerated Aging: An In-Vitro Study Dr.Aditi Salunke


Dr. Anandkumar Patil
2. 2016 – 2019 Comparative   Evaluation of SubgingivalMicroflora in Porcelain Fused Metal Restorations in Controlled Diabetic and Non Diabetic Patients” An In-Vivo Study Dr. Anuradha V Pawar


Dr. RaghunathPatil
3. 2016 – 2019 A  Comparative  Evaluation  Of  Water  Sorption  And  Solubility  Of  Interim  Resilient  Liner  Incorporated  With  Synthetic  And natural   Antimicrobial  Agents – An In–Vitro Study.” Dr. JayprabhaBafna


Dr. SounyalaRayannavar
4. 2016 – 2019 A  comparative  evaluation  of  the  impact   strength,  flexural  strength  and  water sorption  of  heat  cured  polymethyl methacrylate  resin  reinforced  with zirconia  and  glass  fiber  filler  particles- an  in  vitro  study. Dr. Shivani Kalloli


5. 2016 – 2019 Evaluation and comparison of cell adhesion and proliferation on titanium discs coated with novel hydrogel: An In-Vitro Study Dr. RitwikRanka


Dr. SantoshNelogi
6. 2016 – 2019 To Evaluate and Compare The Cutting Efficiency of Two Different Rotary Diamond Burs Used for Tooth Preparation and Their Effect on The Surface Changes of Dentin- An In Vitro Study. Dr. Tanya Sethi


Dr. Ramesh P. Nayakar
7. 2017-2020 “Comparative Evaluation Of Cell Adhesion And Proliferation On Surface Treated Titanium Discs With A Novel Hydrogel”-An In Vitro Study AdarshVarma R Dr.SantoshNelogi
8. 2017-2020 “Comparative evaluation of Antimicrobial efficacy of phytopharmaceutical denture cleansing tablet and commercially available denture cleansing tablet in previous denture wearers”- An in vivo study Tejashree R. Chougule Dr.RaghunathPatil
9. 2017-2020 “To Evaluate And Compare the Effects Of The Antifungal property, Water Sorption And Solubility Of Denture Soft Liner By Incorporating Centratherumanthelminticum and Coriandrumsativum Seed Oils.” – An In Vitro Study Leeba Thomas Dr.MahanteshBembalagi
10. 2017-2020 “To Evaluate And Compare The Stress Distribution In Titanium, Glass Fibre Reinforced PEEK And Zirconia Implants And The Peri-Implant Bone Using Finite Element Analysis.”- An In Vitro Study Sayali D. Mardolkar Dr.AnandkumarPatil
11. 2017-2020 “Comparative Evaluation Of Peel Bond Strength And Shear Bond Strength Between Maxillofacial Silicone Elastomer And Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin Using Two Different Primers”: An In Vitro Study Bhumika S. Shaha Dr.SounyalaRayannavar
12. 2017-2020 Comparative Evaluation Of Efficacy Of Different Sterilization Methods On The Decontamination Of Rotary Diamond Burs- An In-Vivo Study Yashashwini N. Simha Dr.RameshP.Nayakar
13. 2018-2021 To evaluate and compare the efficacy of glycine and chitosan powder to regain the osseoconductivity of contaminated titanium surfaces : An In-Vitro Study Dr. divyeshdongre Dr. sounyalarayannawar
14. 2018-2021 To evaluate and compare the effect of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and nanocomposite of titanium dioxide – silicon dioxide on tensile strength, tear strength, shore hardness of maxillofacial silicone elastomer : An In-Vitro Study ( O ) Dr. sayali Dr. Anandkumar g patil
15. 2018-2021 Comparative evaluation of influence of ceramic firing on internal fit and marginal adaptation of single metal ceramic crown restoration fabricated by Conventional Casting and Direct Metal Laser Sintering Method : An In-Vivo study ( O ) Dr. harshali Dr. Raghunath patil
16. 2018-2021 Comparative evaluation of anti-candidal properties of acrylic resin reinforced with magnesium oxide and silver nanoparticles and their effect on cytotoxic levels :An In-Vitro Study Dr. meekha Dr. Mahanteshbembalgi
17. 2018-2021 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of different decontamination methods on reuse implant healing abutments :  An In-Vitro Study Dr. ovais Dr. Ramesh nayakar
18. 2018-2021 To evaluate the osteogenesis and osseointegration on titanium implants surface treated with CissusQuadrangularisHydrogel : An In-Vivo Animal Study Dr. richa Dr. Santosh nelogi
19. 2019-2022 To evaluate the efficacy of garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) incorporated nano bio gel against peri-implantitis pathogens – An In-vitro study D. Aayushi shah Dr.prashantkarni
20. 2019-2022 Comparative evaluation of surface roughness, tensile bond strength and antifungal activity of ginger grass oil incorporated in tissue conditioner – An In-vitro Study Dr. Vishakha dare Dr. mahanteshbembalgi
21. 2019-2022 Comparative evaluation of prevalence of candida species and anti-candida effect of MorindaCitrifolia (Noni) among complete denture wearers: An In-vivo study. Dr. Divyajoshi Dr. Ramesh nayakar
22. 2019-2022 Comparative evaluation of antifungal efficacy of soft liners incorporated with powder extracts of lawsoniainermis and withaniasomnifera on the growth of candia albicans: An In-vitro study. Dr. Rahul S.  Jaiswal Dr. hema K
23. 2019-2022 Comparative evaluation of surface roughness of herbal denture cleansing tablet containing essential oils of tulsi and lemon grass, 0.12% of chlorhexidine digluconate and commercially available denture cleansing tablet on heat cure polymethyl methacrylate denture base resin- an in vitro study Dr. Harpreet Singh Manaktala Dr. Raghunath patil
24. 2019-2022 Comparative photoelastic stress analysis between implant supported all on four cobalt-chromium framework and carbon fiber reinforced framework with varying cantilever lengths:An In-vitro study Dr.Rutvi A. Shah Dr. Anandkumar g patil


Research Publication for the year 2016

Serial No Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal
1 Dr. Santosh Dr. Mahantesh Novel bioresorbable bioactive and antimicrobial membrane for guided bone regeneration –  an in vitro study Clinical Oral Implants Research
2 Dr. HemaKanathila The Release of Elements from the Base Metal Alloys in a Protein Containing Biologic Environments and Artificial Saliva – An Invitro Study Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
3 Dr. Swapnil. B. Shankargouda Evaluation of Interference of cellular phones on electronic apex locators : An invitro study Journal of Endodontics
4 Dr. VinuthaHiremath, Dr. Sounyala R A Innovative Technique – Modified Feeding Bottle for a Cleft Palate Infant Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
5 ShitalkumarSagari, SudhanshuSanadhya, MallikarjunDoddamani, Rajan Rajput Molecular markers in oral lichen planus: A systematic review Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
6 Dr. VinuthaHiremath Ocular Prosthesis International Journal of Oral Care and Research
7 Dr.Santosh Y. Nelogi, Dr. RaghunathPatil Comparative evaluation of the most reliable posterior reference point of Camper’s plane in
relation with hamular notch‑incisive papilla plane with change in gender of edentulous subjects:Acephalometric study
Indian Journal of Health Sciences
8 Dr.RaghunathPatil A comparative study for the selection of anterior
teeth by correlating the combined width of
six maxillary anteriors to the curved distance
measured on occlusal rims for Indian and
Malaysian population
Indian Journal of Health Sciences
9 Dr. Ramesh P. Nayakar, Dr. RaghunathPatil Evaluation and Comparison of Effect of Different
Surface Treatments and Varying Alloy Percentage on the Elemental Composition of Ni Cr Base Metal Alloy
British Journal of Applied Science & Technology
10 Dr. T Mahantesh, Dr. Uma B. Dixit, Dr. Ramesh Nayakar
Dr. VevaryaAswin, Dr. Naveen K. Dr. Vijaya P K
Prevalence of Dental fluorosis and associated risk factors in Bagalkot District Karnataka India International journal of clinical pedintric dentistry
11 Dr.RaghunathPatil Comparative Evaluation Of Biofilm Development Of Candida Albicans On Abraded Surfaces Of Heat Cure PMMA And Flexi Denture Material”:An In Vitro Study IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS)
12 Dr. Ulhas N. Amasi Influence of three different implant thread designs on stress distribution: A three ‑ dimensional finite element analysis The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society
13 Dr. Abhijit, Dr. Mahantesh, Dr. Raghunath, Dr. Sounyala, Dr. Sayed M To Evaluate and compare the effect of disinfectants on dimensional stability and surface quality of two commercially available zinc oxide Eugenol impression paste materials – An invitro study International journal of current research

Research Publication for the year 2017

Serial No Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal
1 Dr. RaghunathPatil, Dr. Sounyala Effect of finishing procedures and beverages on the color stability of Direct composite esthetic restorative material – An in vitro study International Journal of current medical and pharmaceutical research
2 Dr.MahanteshBembalagi, Dr.RaghunathPatil Visual and instrumental evaluation of reliability of clinical ceramic restoration with dental shade guide by two distinct observer population: An observational study Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU
3 Dr.MahanteshBembalagi, Dr.RaghunathPatil, Dr.VeenaBenakatti Comparative Evaluation Of Dimensional Stability And Surface Hardness of Three Elastomeric Interocclusal Recording Materials At Various Time Intervals An Invitro Study International Journal of Current Advanced Research
4 Dr. Prashant A. Karni, Dr.Ramesh P. Nayakar, Dr.Abhijit P, Dr. Aditya A. Dr. Swapnil S. Dr. Mallikarjun H Removable Prosthesis And Quality of Life International Journal of Current Research
5 Dr.RameshNayakar Non-Surgical Periodontal Management of Severe
Generalized Gingival Enlargement In A Human
ImmunodefiCiency Virus-Positive Patient: A case Report
International Journal Of Scientific Study
6 Dr. Prashant a. Karni, Dr. Abhijit P. Dr. AdityaAcharya, Dr. Swapnilshankargouda
Dr. Mallikarjun H. Doddamani
“Nanotechnology” the new era of prosthodontics International journal of Current Research
7 Dr. SounyalaRayannavar, Dr. Abhijit P. Patil and Dr. SayedKilledar Assessment Of Gingival Fibroblast Cytotoxicity Of Recasted Cobalt ChromiumdentalAlloyin Vitro Study International Journal of Current Research
8 DR. SounyalaRayannavar, Dr. RaghunathPatil, Dr.VinutaHiremath Effect of denture adhesive and its forms on microbial colonization in Diabetic and nondiabetic complete denture wearers : An in vivo study Indian journal of Health Sciences and biomedical Research KLEU
9 Dr. Raghuath P Comparative evaluation of the effect of commercially available tow different forms of denture cleansers on denture biofilm in diabetic and nondiabetic individuals : An in vivo Study Indian journal of Health Sciences and biomedical Research KLEU
10 Dr.Ramesh P. NayakarDr.RaghunathPatil Effect of Different Casting Techniques on the Castability of Nickel-Chromium Alloy British Journal of Applied Science & Technology
11 Dr .Ramesh N, Dr. Raghunath P Bio Estetic Post  – A reason to smile :  A Review Karnataka Prosthodontic Journal
12 Dr.Prashant A. Karni A Novel Technique to Fabricate Iris Shading of
Ocular Prosthesis – A Case Report
Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology
13 Dr. Prashant A. KarniDr. SwapnilShankargouda Rejuvenating Smiles’ Using Cad/Cam Technology International Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research
14 Dr.Prashant a. Karni, Dr.Aandkaumar G. Patil A unique technique of customising precision attachment to Rehabilitate distal extension partial edentulous case International journal of current advanced research
15 Dr.Villas S. Pattar.DrRenukaMetgud. SumatiHogadeDr.Prashant A. Karni Comparative evaluation of oral microbial profile in periodontitis and Ventilator associated pneumonia patients International journal of current medical and pharmaceutical research
16 Dr. Ramesh P. Nayakar, Dr.RaghunathPatil Prosthetic Rehabilitation 0f Mandibular Defects with Fixed Removable Partial Denture Prosthesis using PrecissionAttachment- A Twin case Report Contemporary Clinical Dentistry
17 Dr.RajendraBasavarajHallikerimath, VirajPatil, Dr.KishoreBhat,Dr.Mallikarjun
Effect of Melaleucaalternifolia Mixed with Tissue Conditioners in Varying Doses on Colonization and Inhibition of Candida albicans: An In Vitro Study Contemporary Clinical Dentistry
18 Dr.Vilas S. Pattar, Dr.RenukaMetgud, Dr.PrashantA. KarniDr.AbhishekZingade Knowledge and attitude about relationship between oral hygiene practices And respiratory diseases among medical professionals in belgaum city – a Questionnaire study International Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research
19 Dr.Veena B Benakatti, Dr.Abhijit P Patil, Dr.RaghunathPatil Evaluation of Antibacterial Effect and Dimensional Stability of Self-disinfecting Irreversible Hydrocolloid : An in vitro Study The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
20 Dr.HemaKanathila The Changing Concepts In The Retention of Maxillofacial Prosthesis From Past To Present- A Review Journal Evolution Medical and  Dental Sciences
21 Dr.RaghunathA.Patil A comparative evaluation of the depth of
Reduction achieved for a Metal ceramic crown preparation by Using three different techniques – an in Vitro study
International Journal of Scientific Research and Review
22 Dr.VinutaHiremath, Dr.SounyalaRayannavar, Dr.MahananteshBembalagi An Evaluation of the Effect of Various Gloves on Polymerization Inhibition of Elastomeric Impression Materials: An In vitro Study. Journal of Pharmacy &Bioallied Sciences
23 RutaJadhav, SantoshNelogi, SounyalaRayannavar, RaghunathPatil Flexible feeding obturator for early intervention in infants with Pierre Robin sequence The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
24 Dr. HemaKanathila, Dr. MallikarjunDoddamani Diagnosis and treatment of bruxism: Concepts from past to present International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
25 Dr.Bembalagi M, Dr.RaghunathPatil Evaluating the Association of Tooth Form of Maxillary Central Incisors with Face Shape Using AutoCAD Software: A Descriptive Study. Journal of Prosthodontics
26 Dr.Swapnil Shankargouda Therapeutic benefits of liquorice in dentistry Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine

Research Publication for the year 2018

Serial No Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal
1 Dr. Hema K Rehabilitation of a partial ear defect using silicon prosthesis by anatomical anchorage method: A Case report Indian Journal of Case reports
2 Dr.Ramesh P. Nayakar, Dr.RaghunathPatil Evaluation of the effect of sterilization and disinfection of Rotary Dimond burs on their cutting efficiency  – an in vitro study World Dental Journal
3 Dr. HemaKanathila, Dr. VeenaBenakatti and Dr. SuvidhaPatil Maintenance of dental implants: A way to long term success: A review International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
4 Dr. HemaKanathila Applications of lasers in dental implantology- a review World journal of advance
Healthcare research
5 Dr.ShivayogiCharantimath Dr. RaghunathPatil Comparative Analysis between soft and Hard Occlusal Splint Therapy in the management of Myofascial and Temporomndibular Disorder pain : A pilot Study Journal of Indian Academy of Dental Specialist Research
6 Dr.HemaKanathila An Insight into the Concept of Osseodensification-Enhancing the Implant Stability and Success Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
7 Dr.Bharathi, Dr.HemaKanathila The role of continuing dental education in dentistry International Journal of Recent Scientific Research
8 Dr. Veena B. Benakatti, Dr. HemaKanathila Biomedical waste management in dental office – a review World Journal of Advance
Healthcare Research
9 Dr.Anandkumar G. Patil, Dr.RaghunathPatil, Dr.Prashant A. Karni Comparative evaluation of the dimensional accuracy of cast partial denture frameworks fabricated by conventional technique and light‑cure wax technique: An in vitro study Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU
10 Dr. Ramesh Nayakar, Dr. RaghunathPatil To evaluate the effect of probiotics on the prevalence of oral Candida organisms in denture wearers: An in vivo study Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU
11 Dr.MahanteshBembalagi, Dr.RaghunathPatil, Dr.AbhijitPatil Comparison of effectiveness of silver zeolite as an antimicrobial agent in acrylic and silicone soft liners in complete denture patients: An in vivo study Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU
12 Dr.HemaKanathaila, Dr.Mallokarjun H Doddamani An insight into various attachments used in Prosthodontics: A review International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences
13 Dr. AnandkumarPatil, Dr. RaghunathPatil, Dr. SuvidhaPatil Reinforcing the Maxillofacial Silicones: A Review International Journal of Innovative Studies in Medical Sciences (IJISMS)
14 Dr.Swapnil B Shankargouda, Dr.Sounyala.N.Rayannavar To Evaluate Different Soft Tissue Liners, as Functional Impression Materials, by Determining its Effect on Surface Roughness of Dental Stone Over a Time Period: An In-Vitro Study Modern Approaches in Dentistry and
Oral Health

Research Publication for the year 2019

Serial No Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal
1 Dr.PrashantKarni, Dr.RameshNayakar, Dr.Anandkumar G Patil, Comparative Evaluation Of The Effect Of Ultrasonic Scaling On Surface Roughness Of Titanium, Nickel-Chromiunand Ceramic Resorations- An In Vitro Study Journal of Oral and Dental Health
2 Dr.HemaKanathila Interdisciplinary Approach to Management of AmelogenesisImperfecta: A Case Series World Journal of Dentistry
3 Dr.HemaKanathila Applications of adult stem cells in craniomaxillofacial region: A boon to man kind Journal of evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences
4 Dr.Varsha Palled Custom-Soldered, Double-Ring Retained SiliconeFinger Prosthesis American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.
5 Dr.SuvidhaPatil, Dr.Anandkumar G Patil, Dr.RaghunathPatil, Dr.Hema K Enhancing Anterior Aesthetics By Soft Tissue Modulation Using Immediate Temporization Technique- A Case Report Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences
6 Dr.VeenaBBenakatti, Dr.AdityaAcharya Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) in Dentistry Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
7 Dr. Anandkumar G Patil, Dr.PrashantKarni, Dr. SuvidhaPatil Ecografts – Contemporary Biologically Derived
Bone Grafts – A Review
International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology

Research Publication for the year 2020

Serial No Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal
1 Dr.AbhijitPatil, Dr.RaghunathPatil, Dr.Anandkumar G Patil, Dr.PrashantKarni Unique Cost Effective and Retentive Removable Prosthesis to Rehabilitate Long Span Kennedy’s Class I Edentulism with Custom Attachment System: A Case Report The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
2 Dr. Anandkumar G Patil, Dr. AbijitPatil, Dr. PrashantKarni A Comprehensive Review on Prosthetic
Management of Nasal Defects
Journal of Prosthodontics Dentistry
3 Dr.VeenaBBenakatti, Dr.RaghunathPatil Evaluation of Effect of Surface Treatment of
Intaglio Surface on Retention of Complete
Cast Crowns Cemented with Different
Cements: An In vitro Study
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
4 Dr.Sounyala.Rayannavar, Dr.Swapnil.Shankargouda, Dr.SantoshNelogi Antifungal efficacy of tissue conditioner incorporated with nanographene oxide: an in-vitro study International Journal of Dental Science and Innovative Research (IJDSIR)
5 Dr. Anandkumar G. Patil, Dr.Swapnil.Shankargouda A comprehensive review and a proposed classification system for complications encountered with All-On-4®
dental implant procedure.
International Journal of Dental Science and Innovative Research (IJDSIR)
6 Dr.Swapnil B Shankargouda, A Simple Innovative Technique for Fabrication of a 3-D Cast Guided Surgical Template for Dental Implant Placement Using Conventional
Radiographic Techniques
7 Dr.SounyalaRayannavar Assessing the dimensional accuracy of the resultant casts made from monophase, one‑step, two‑step, and a novel two‑step putty light body impression technique – An in vitro study Saudi Journal of Oral Sciences
8 Dr.SounyalaRayannavar Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Maxillary Defect Caused by Ameloblastoma of Rare Occurrence: A Clinical Case Report Contemporary Clinical Dentistry
9 Dr. Ramesh P Nayakar Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Kennedy’s Class I and Class II Using an Extended Precision Attachment: A Case Report World Journal of Dentistry
10 Dr.HemaKanathila COVID – 19 – Threat to Dentistry – How to Overcome? Journal Evolution Medical Dental Science
11 Dr.Ramesh , Nayakar, Dr.AnandkumarPatil Knowledge, Awareness, and Practices about Ergonomics among Dental Postgraduate Students – A Cross Sectional Study International Journal of Scientific Study
12 Dr. ArunkumarSajjanar, Dr. VeenaBenakatti AMELOGENESISIMPERFECTA: REORGANIZING OCCLUSION WITH HOBO TWIN STAGE TECHNIQUE International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR)


The department has 4 patents:

S . no Name of the inventors Title of Patents Application No
1 Dr.RaghunathPatil, Dr.Tejashree R Chougule, Dr.U B Bolmal, Dr.Mrs S.C Metgud Phytopharmaceutical Denture Cleansing Formulation 201941043681 A
2 Dr.Prashant A Karni, Dr.Aayushi K Shah,  U.B.Bolmal, Dr.(Mrs) S.C.Metgud Nano biogel of Garciniamangostana (Mangosteen) 201941047544 A
3 Dr.SantoshNelogi

Dr.Adarsh Verma

Hydrogel of MoningTrigonella& Chitosan for Implant surface 202041006485 A
4 Dr.SantoshNelogi Novel mandibular anterior guide flange for treatment of sleep apnea

Books published

Serial No Author Title of the Paper Name of book REMARKS STATE / NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL
1 Swapnil B Shankargouda, Preena.Sidhu and Sonica Miyyapuram Role of computer Technology in changing smile Intech open, London International
2 Dr.PrashantKarni, Dr.RameshNayakar Removable Prosthesis Lambert Academic Publishing International
3 Dr.Anandkumar G Patil, Rujuta Verma Cad Cam technology in crown and bridge prosthodontics Lambert Academic Publishing International
4 Dr.SwapnilShankargouda, PreenaSiddhu, Sonica Miyyapuram Dental Implants: Selection and Placement A novel approach to selecting dental implants Lambert Academic Publishing International
5 Prashant A. Karni, Dolly Gupta
and Heena Sharma
A Novel Technique to Fabricate Iris Shading of
Ocular Prosthesis – A Case Report
Current Research in Science and Technology Vol. 1 National
6 Dr.Adithi Rao, Dr.AnandBadavannavar, Dr.Aditya Acharya Orthodontic clinical photography, Lambert Academic Publishing Lambert Academic Publishing International
7 Dr.Aditya Acharya, Dr.Lekha K, Dr.Adithi Rao Materials and techniques for provesional restorations Lambert Academic Publishing International
8 Dr.Adarsh Verma, Dr.SantoshNelogi, Dr.RitwikRanka Advancements in Dental Implants Lambert Academic Publishing International
9 Dr.Hema K, Dr.AshwinPangi Magnesium oxide: Antifungal agent in tissue conditioner Lambert Academic Publishing International