The areas of research mainly focus on minor oral surgery, space infections of the head and neck region, maxillofacial trauma, orthognathic surgery and TMJ disorders.

The details of the same for the last 5 years (2016-2020) are undermentioned.


Sl No. Name of the Students Title of the dissertation Name of the Guide
1 DR. AYUSHI SRIVASTAVA Comparative evaluation of efficacy of Lignocaine HCL and Bupivacaine HCL used as a local applicant for pain control after impacted mandibular third molar surgery: A double blinded randomized controlled trial. DR. TEJRAJ P. KALE
2 DR. DIVYANK TIWARI Evaluation of Chitosan based dressing in comparison to conventional Chlorhexidine impregnated dressing in Superficial Facial wounds: A Single Blinded Randomized Control Trial’ DR. VIJAYLAXMI SHETTAR
3 DR. KHETANI SACHIN PURUSHOTAM Comparison of chlorhexidine-diacetate coated silk suture versus plain black braided silk suture in post operative healing after impacted mandibular third molar surgery- A randomized clinical trial DR. SANJAY S. RAO
4 DR. RASHI OKHANDIAR Evaluation of neurosensory disturbances of infraorbital nerve following isolated zygomatic complex fractures: A cross sectional study DR. SIDRAMESH MUTTAGI
5 DR. SHINJU SUSAN JOHN Assessment of Disc position in internal derangement of Temporomandibular joint using Ultrasonography as a diagnostic tool – A Prospective study. DR. S. M. KOTRASHETTI
6 DR. SHIWANGI JAISWAL Effect of kinesiology taping technique in reducing post operative discomfort after third molar impaction surgery: a randomized controlled trial DR. ARATI NEELI


SL No Staff Postgradute Trainee Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Year of Publication
1 Dr. S.D. Baliga Dr. Amrita sah “Clinical application of autogenous tooth as bone graft material in extraction socket” Clinical epidemiology and global health August -22
2 Dr. Tejraj P. Kale

Dr. S.M. Kotrashetti

Dr. Radhika Pathak

Dr. Harshini Patel

“Interventions for the Management of Mandibular Coronoid Process Fractures: A Systematic Review” Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery December -22


Serial no Name of the student Title of the dissertation Name of the guide
1. Dr Mayank ‘To Compare the efficacy of chlorhexidine warm saline mouthrinses on microbial growth over intra-oral sutures” A prospective study Dr. Shridhar D. Baliga
2. Dr Ganesh The efficacy of hyaluronic acid gel to reduce the post operative pain, swelling and trismus after surgical extraction of mandibular third molars – a randomized controlled clinical trial Dr. Arati Neeli
3. Dr Anjali A randomized control study to compare the efficacy of carbonated lignocaine over lignocaine hydrochloride in dental nerve blocks Dr. VijaylaxmiShettar
4. Dr Naina Post-resection and post-formalin fixation shrinkage of surgical margins in squamous cell carcinoma of buccal mucosa and its association with clinico-pathological factors Dr. Sidramesh  Muttagi
5. Dr Yamini Evaluation and comparison of the inverted periosteal flap and bioresorbable collagen membrane for socket preservation – a randomized controlled trial. Dr. S M Kotrashetti
6. Dr Shrikar A clinical study of the evaluation and assessment of the etiology and patterns of ocular injuries in midfacial trauma in a tertiary care hospital: a case series. Dr. Tejraj P. Kale


Serial no Name of the student Title of the dissertation Name of the guide
1. Dr Abhishek Evaluation of bone regeneration in extraction sockets using simvastatin – a clinical prospective study Dr. VijaylaxmiShettar
2. Dr Noureen Comparing the anaesthetic efficacy of 4% articane  between  inferior alveolar nerve block vs buccal infiltration technique during extraction  of  mandibular molars Dr. Tejraj P. Kale
3. Dr Soumyasanta Comparative evaluation of periotome assisted extraction and conventional extraction Dr. Arati Neeli
4. Dr Shristi Efficacy of ankaferd blood stopper solution in achieving hemostasis after dental extractions in patients undergoing anti platelet therapy Dr. Sidramesh  Muttagi


Serial no Name of the student Title of the dissertation Name of the guide
1. Dr Krishna Lal Evaluation of efficacy of curcumin gel in socket healing and post oprative pain in patinets under going dental extraction –a randomised control trial Dr. Sidramesh  Muttagi
2. Dr Yash M Efficacy of topical ozone gel in improving post operative patient comfort after surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molar – A RCT Dr. Arati Neeli
3. Dr Abhishek S Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonograghy verified with computed tomography for the diagnosis of maxillofacial fractures-a prospective study. Dr. Tejraj P. Kale
4. Dr Rishabh M Evaluation of wound healing and bone regeneration using topical combined application of vitamin C , dexamethasone and beta sodium Dr. Shridhar D. Baliga
5. Dr Prashasti S A prospective study to compare the effects of preemptive piroxicam and oral dexamethasone on edema, trismus and pain in third molar surgery: a randomized controlled trial Dr. VijaylaxmiShettar
6. Dr Meharshd D Clinico-bacteriological assessment of the effectiveness of administration of amoxicillin with clavulanic acid & moxifloxacin pre-opeeratively in mandibular third molar surgery Dr. S M Kotrashetti


Serial no Name of the student Title of the dissertation Name of the guide
1. Dr Radhika The effectiveness of photobiomodulation using 940nm diode laser for reducing pain, swelling and trismus after third molar surgery: a single blinded randomized control trial Dr. Tejraj P. Kale
2. Dr Sapna Comparision of knotless barbed suture versus vicryl suture in the oral cavity: a randomized control trial Dr. Shridhar D. Baliga
3. Dr Chitrali Assessment of transmucosal patch as an alternative to infilteration anaesthesia in orthodontic extraction: a split mouth study Dr. Sanjay Rao
4. Dr Harshini Immediate functional loading with bicortical basal screw single piece implant in the mandible and maxilla- a prospective study Dr. S M Kotrashetti
5. Dr Ajit Tramadol hydrochloride as a local anaesthetic agent: a prospective study Dr. Arati Neeli
6. Dr Mohan Comparision between n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive and nylon sutures in maxillofacial trauma: a randomized control trial Dr. Vijaylaxmi Shettar

YEAR 2021

SL No. Name of the Students Title of the dissertation Name of the Guide
1 Dr. Akanksha Garg Evaluation of manuka honey (leptospermum scoparium) as an alternative wound dressing material in comparison to conventional soframycin with gauze dressing in facial abrasions: a randomized controlled clinical trial Dr. Tejraj P Kale
2 Dr. Faheem Ahmed Barbhuiya Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of hydrocortisone, povidone – iodine and normal saline as an irrigating solution during surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molars :

a randomized control trial

Dr Shirdhar Baliga
3 Dr Chetan Kolin To evaluate the effects of music therapy in reducing patients anxiety levels undergoing surgical extraction of impacted third molars under local anesthesia- A clinical Randomised controlled trial Dr Sanjay S Rao
4 Dr Kritika Pandey To evaluate the efficacy of Transdermal Ketoprofen patch in comparison Transdermal Diclofenac patch as an analgesic in Orthodontic extraction- A randomized  prospective split-mouth study Dr. Vijaylaxmi Shettar
5 Dr Sanjiti Madan Comparative evaluation of Gelatamp versus Platelet Rich Fibrin on Post-operative outcomes after Intra-alveolar extraction of molars – A Double-Blind Randomised Control Trial Dr Sidramesh Muttagi
6 Dr Ninad Nikhil Tole A Prospective, Randomized Double-Blind Study to evaluate the efficacy of buffered local anesthetics  in the extraction of infected teeth Dr. Arati S Neeli


Year 2023

Sl No. Publication Title Authors Journal Name
1 Efficacy of Transdermal Ketoprofen Patch in Comparison to Transdermal Diclofenac Patch in Postoperative Analgesia for Orthodontic Extractions: A Randomized Split-Mouth Study Kritika Pandey , Vijaylaxmi Shettar , Tejraj Kale Cureus

Year 2015



Authors Title of the paper Name of the journal
1 Lingaraj J Balihallimath, Madhuri Savikar, S.M.Kotrashetti, S.D.Baliga, Vikram Pandit Endoscope Vs C-Arm assisted reduction of the Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures International Journal Dental Medical Research
2 VasantiLagaliJirge, MeenaxiUmarani Evaluation of readiness to practice among interns at an Indian dental school Journal of Contemporary Medical Education
3 Tejraj P Kale, Vipin Aggarwal, SM Kotrashetti, JB Lingaraj, Arjun Singh Mandibular coronoid fractures, How Rare The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
4 Roopali Sankeshwari1, Anil Ankola1, Mamata Hebbal1,
Sidramesh Muttagi2 and Nilam Rawal1
Awareness regarding oral cancer and oral precancerous lesions
among rural population of Belgaum district, India
IUHPE – Global Health Promotion
5 SharadinduMahadevappaKotrashetti, TejrajPundlik Kale, SupriyaBhandage, Anuj Kumar Infraorbital nerve transpositioning into orbital floor: a modified technique to minimizee nerve injury following zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures Journal of the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
6 Zameera Naik, MeenaxiUmarani One minute preceptor a teaching learning model for oral radiographic interpretation skill Journal of Contemporary Medical Education
7 Anshul Jain, Shridhar Baliga Rehabilitation of avulsed teeth in fractured jaws via bone grafting and implant placement: report of two cases Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
8 Indranil Roy, Shridhar D Baliga, Archana Louis, Sanjay Rao Importance of Clinical and Radiological Parameters in Assessment of Surgical Difficulty in Removal of Impacted Mandibular 3rd Molars: A New Index Journal of Maxillofacial Oral Surgery
9 Sanadi Sajid Ahmed, Sabina Abid, Yasser Al-Thobaiti, SD Baliga, Mohammed Fayyaz Longstanding Unrecognized Wooden Foreign Bodies in Oro-facial Region, Report of three Cases American Journal of Public Health Research
10 Dr.LingarajBalihallimath, Dr.Shruthi SP Sublingual piroxicam for management of postoperative pain, trismus and swelling after extraction of lower third molars: an overview Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences
11 LingarajBalihallimath, Chinmay Bhagali, Tejraj P Kale, Shridhar Baliga and Swapnil Chendake A comparison of electrosurgery and cryosurgery in the management of being mucosal lesions: a prospective randomized study Egyptian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
12 Tejraj P Kale, S.M.Kotrashetti, SidrameshMuttagi, Anuj Kumar Use of Co Mupiment as a Local Therapeutic Agent for Extensive Infected Lacreated Wound: A Case Report of few Cases and Extensive Review of Management International Journal of Oral Health and Medical Research
13 Anuj Kumar, TejrajPundalik Kale A comparative study between the effect of combined local anesthetic and low-dose ketamine with local anesthetic on postoperative complications after impacted third molar surgery The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice

YEAR 2016

1 Tejraj P Kale, S.M.Kotrashetti, Arjun Singh Extremely rare isolated and acquired oral presentation verrucous hemangioma Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology
2 Muttagi SS, Patil BR, Godhi AS, Arora DK, Hallikerimath SR, KaleAD Clinico-pathological factors effecting lymph node yield in Indian Patient with locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of mandibular Gingivo-Buccal sulcus Indian Journal of Cancer
3 Sanjay S Rao, Shridhar D Baliga Tooth aspiration following maxillofacial trauma: Report of rare case Indian Journal of Health Sciences
4 S.M.Kotrashetti, Gunjan Dube, Bhushan Thakkar, Manav Ahuja Simple Technique Overcoming a Persistent Problem in Cleft Palate Repair Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology
5 Tejraj P Kale, Arjun Gurmeet Singh, Pushpak Shah Lymphocytoma cutis: diagnostic enigma for the maxillofacial surgeon Journal of the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
6 Shriti Shashikant Pulgirkar, Lingaraj J Balihallimath Comparison of oral and sublingual piroxiacam for management of postoperative pain after mandibular third molar surgery a prospective randomized study Indian Journal of Health Sciences

YEAR 2017

1 Abhishek Motimath, S.D Baliga, Saurabh Sharma Clinical audit and record-keeping guide for improving patient care J.Evid.BasedMed.Health
2 Niyati Satish Balse, Shridhar Baliga Evaluation of wound healing and bone regeneration using autologous platelet rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin postextraction a comparative study Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU
3 Neeli Aarti, Phade Prasanna Oral Myiasis In A Cerebral Palsy Patient; A Case Report And Review Of Literature International Journal of Recent Scientific Research
4 Dr.RohiniKanitkar, Dr.Lingaraj J Balihallimath Comparison of effect of Ozonated water with normal Saline as an irrigant on post operative pain swelling and trismus following the surgical extraction of impacted Mandibular third molar Indian Journal of Research
5 Lingaraj J. Balihallimath, Anjum Inamdar Comparison of physics forceps and conventional extraction forceps in
Orthodontic extraction of upper premolars
International Journal of Recent Scientific Research
6 Tejraj P Kale, Lingaraj J Balihallimath, Saurab Sharma, Sharadindu M Kotrashetti Enucleation with peripheral ostectomy and chemical cauterization for unicystic ameloblastoma and odontogenic keratocyst: Primary modality of choice or still a secondary alternative- A report of 18 cases World Journal of Dentistry
7 Abhishek Motimath, S.D Baliga, Anjum Inamda Clinical audit in third molar surgery for improving patients care International Journal of Recent Scientific Research
8 Saurabh Sharma, Tejraj P Kale,
Lingaraj J Balihallimath, Abhishek Motimath
Evaluating Effectiveness of AxiostatHemostatic Material
in achieving Hemostasis and Healing of Extraction
Wounds in Patients on Oral Antiplatelet Drugs
The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
9 Dr.Vijaylaxmishettar,
Dr S M Kotrashetti
Central Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma of Mandible Mimicking
Residual Cyst.A Treatment Protocol For Small, Asymptomatic
Radiolucencies in oral Cavity
IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS)
10 Abhishek Motimath, S. D. Baliga, Saurabh Sharma Clinical audit and record keeping guide for improving patient care Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare
11 Akshay Khandelwal, Arati Neeli, AkshataGadiyar, Ankit Khandelwal Assessment of Quality of Life of Patients 1–5 Years after Treatment for Oral Cancer Indian Journal of Dental Research
12 Dr.Arati Neeli Assessment of quality of life of patients 1-5 years after oral cancer  Indian Journal of Dental Research

YEAR 2018

1 Lingaraj J Balihallimth, Rahul Jain, Ujjval Mehrotra, NinadRangnekar To compare the efficiency of maxillomandibular fixation screws over erich arch bar in achiving intermaxillary fixatation in maxillofacial trauma: a clinical study Journal of International Clinical Dental Research Organisation
2 Dr.SidrameshMuttagi Clinicopathological Predictors of Extent of
Cervical Lymph Node Metastases in Locally
Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of
Mandibular Gingivobuccal Sulcus
Suvarna JNMC Journal of the
Scientific Society
Page no 53-56

YEAR 2019

2 Dr S M Kotrashetti Cleft palate repair SABG preparatin of planning (class 2 class 3) planning management of facial asymmetries Timisoara Romania
3 Dr S M Kotrashetti Sinus outflow of diseses and frontobasilar reconstruction of calvarium SDM DENTAL COLLEGE DHARWAD CONDUCTED ON 21ST
4 Dr S M Kotrashetti 1) Cleft Palate repair 2)secondary cleft alveolar grafting Krishna Institue of Medical Scinces, karad
5 Dr Tejraj Kale Evaluation of polyethylene surgical Drape as an alternative wound dressing Material,Compared to banana left(musaParadisiaca) dressing in facial abrasions Journal of maxillofacial and oral Surgery
6 Dr Vijayalaxmi Transient diplopia and restricted Lateral gaze of right eye Following posterior superior alveolar nerve block-a case report International Journal of Recent scientific International Journal of rcent scientific
7 Dr Vijayalaxmi treatment of chronic osteomyelitis of mandible with vancmycinImpergnatedpolymethamethacrylate beads and recording early bone Changes:a case report International journal of recent scientific research
8 Dr S M Kotrashetti Pediatric sleep apnea in patients with mocrognathia:case reports with brief Review Of Literature International journal of current medical and Pharmaceutical research
9 Dr Arati Neeli A Randomised Control Study Comparing  the Efficacy of  ResorableTransosseus Ligature and Titanium Miniplates for Fixation of Maxillofacial Fractures in Young Patients ISOR Journal of Dental and Medical Scirnces (ISOR-JDMS)
10 DR  SiddrameshMuttagi Role of Immunoreactive Patterns of Lymph nodes in neck dissection cses of oral squamous cell carecinoma: a clincical and histopathological study J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofacial Surgey
11 Dr.PoorviGhanti Evaluation of the pathologic evidence for elective extraction of asymptomatic impacted teeth- An observational study Bangalore Dental Journal

YEAR 2020

1 Tejraj Kale , Abhishek S. Motimath


Arvind Tenagi , Yash Manavadaria

A clinical study of the evaluation and
assessment of the etiology and patterns of ocular injuries in midfacial trauma in a tertiary care hospital
The Cureus Journal of Medical Science

YEAR 2021

Sl No. Staff Postgraduate trainee Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Year of publication
1 Abhishek S. Motimath, Tejraj Kale Yash Manavadaria, 

Shrikar Umarane, Abhishek Shah

Surgical Conundrum: Hybrid Odontogenic Tumours Case Reports in Dental Sciences Nov 2020
2 Dr Tejraj P Kale, Dr Abhishek Motimath Dr Swapnil Chandke, Dr Yash Manavadaria Evaluation of banana leaves (musa paradisiaca) as an alternative wound dressing material, compared to conventional petroleum jelly gauze dressing in contused, lacerated and sutured wounds over head, neck, and face region. Current Journal of Medical Science Nov 2021
3 Shridhar D. Baliga, Meenaxi Umarani Vipin Aggarwal Comparison Between Primary and Secondary Method of Closing Surgical Wound After Tooth Extraction: A Split Mouth Study Pesquisa Brasileira Em Odontopaediatriae E Clinica Integrada Jan 2021