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Security Platform For Developers And A Secure Development Lifecycle


СодержаниеAutomated Best Practices In SecurityOwasp Top 10 2021The Evolution Of Application Security AppsecCloudguard Appsec Web Application And Api Protection With NginxAgile Security For Modern And Cloud Native Application Development The security in multi-tenancy environments is focused on the logical rather than the physical segregation of resources. The aim is to prevent other tenants from impacting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. SSRF is not new to AppSec Engineers but it has been added to the OWASP Top 10 list because modern web applications are exposed to many more cloud services. The perimeter of the ‘server’ has been expanded more than [...]

Security Platform For Developers And A Secure Development Lifecycle2022-09-29T15:01:21+00:00

6 1 1000 Compute Nodes Resource Scalability Testing


СодержаниеPerformanceScalability Testing OperationsPlanning The Scalability TestsOur ServicesSoftware Testing ToolsJavatpoint ServicesWhat To Avoid When Testing For Scalability Load testing throughout the development cycle has become an essential part of the process of designing scalable, reliable Web applications. Developers and QA professionals now rely on load testing tools as a means to validate system architectures, tune applications for maximum performance, and assess the impact of hardware upgrades. Consequently, it is critical that the load test results can be used with confidence as the basis for key decisions about application readiness and potential changes to the system's hardware and software. Using the methodology embodied [...]

6 1 1000 Compute Nodes Resource Scalability Testing2022-08-29T12:50:23+00:00
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