Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology


The Department of Oral Pathology at KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences began in the year 1986-87 with the inception of the institute. Under the able guidance and leadership of Dr.H.M.Dholakia, the senior most and the first recognized guide of Oral Pathology in India, this Department took its first step and since then the department has made tremendous progress academically and infrastructure wise and has made its mark at a national level.

Dr.Vivek Pakhmode joined in as the first full-time staff in 1988 as Assistant Professor, followed by Dr.Alka Kale in September 1988 as Assistant Professor. The Department had the honour of having Dr. M.V.Lele a very senior, experienced and able administrator as Professor and Head from 1996 to1998, followed by Dr.Alka Kale from 1998 to 2008. Since then Dr. Seema Hallikerimath is heading the department till date. The undergraduate course was started in the year 1985 and was recognised in 1990. The post-graduate course in the Department of Oral Pathology was started in the year 1990 and was recognised by the year 1992. A total of 55 post-graduates have passed from the department till date.

Primarily a research-oriented department that imparts quality training to undergraduates and postgraduates. Besides conducting all routine blood analysis and histopathological examination, the department is actively involved in various research projects on oral precancer and cancer using the latest molecular testing methods. The high level of training given to postgraduates by the experienced staff has resulted in numerous accolades being won by them at various national specialty conferences. The advanced facilities available include a modern Department histopathology laboratory equipped with an array of latest diagnostic microscopes and equipment, a microbiology section, a spacious undergraduate laboratory, a pathology museum, a separate postgraduate laboratory, and a seminar hall. Highly sophisticated audio-visual aids, slide transparencies on various topics and research microscopes amplify the quality of training imparted. A remarkable collection of over 6000 quality histopathology slides, numerous specimens as well as an array of journals & textbooks help the students unearth the nuances of oral pathology and microbiology.


Intends to bring about confluence in achieving academic excellence and promoting the development of scientific temper for Dental Science Research.

  • To attain perfection in histopathological evaluation and diagnosis, so as to aid patient care and to understand the prevalence and pathogenesis of diseases affecting the society and to conduct research based scientific studies.
  • To develop the Department as the center of excellence in routine and advanced histopathology.

For Undergraduates:

  • To inculcate thirst for learning so that students develop in-depth knowledge.
  • To help the learner to use the knowledge for clinical application in day to day practice.
  • To inculcate a sense of responsibility and accountability and put in hard and sincere work to excel.

For Postgraduates:

    • Guide a postgraduate to develop capabilities to learn, diagnose and take up research work.
    • To develop confidence to handle and manage academics, make scientific presentations through Journal Club, Seminars, Symposia, Publication and Presentation in conferences.
    • To help an individual to develop not only academically but also socially and holistically.


Dr. Punnya V. Angadi, MDS, Ph.D.


Total Experience: 13 years

Dr.(Mrs) Alka D Kale, MDS, Ph.D.


Total Experience: 30 years

Dr. Veena V. Naik, MDS


Total Experience: 15 years & 9 months

Dr. Seema R Hallikerimath, MDS, Ph.D.


Total Experience: 20 years 2 months

Dr. Deepa R. Mane, MDS, Ph.D.


Total Experience: 11years 8 months

Dr. Pushpak V Shah, MDS


Total Experience: 8 years 1 month

Dr. Shweta Kumbhojkar, MDS


Total Experience: 7 years 1 month

Dr. Manjula M, MDS


Total Experience: 7 years 8 months

Dr. Chetan Belaldavar, MDS


Total Experience: 5 years 5 months


  • Blood examinations: Hemoglobin Estimation, Bleeding Time, Clotting Time, Blood Sugar Estimation, total RBC Count, total WBC Count, and Differential WBC Count
  • Biopsy Reporting
  • Pre-cancer & Cancer detection


  • Undergraduates (BDS): Since 1985
    • Dental Anatomy, Histology, Physiology & Embryology: I BDS.
    • Oral Pathology and Microbiology: II & III BDS.
  • Postgraduates (MDS) : Since 1991
    • 3 years of orderly training in Oral Pathology.
  • Ph.D. from 2007 onwards
  • Diploma Courses in Dental Hygienist and Mechanics.


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Guest Lectures organized by the Department

Asitava Mondal, Kolkata

Topic – “Clinical, Imaging, Cytology, Cell Block and IHC in the diagnosis of soft tissue sarcomas of the oral cavity”, 2015

Dr. Raghu Radhakrishnan, Manipal

Prof. Dept. of Oral Pathology.
Topic – “Adding The Third Dimension To Cell Culture “- 2016.

Dr. Anita Borges, Mumbai

Topic – “Oral soft tissue tumors”, 2016.

Dr. Kishore Bhat, Maratha Mandal Dental Colege

Prof. & Head of Microbiology
“Demonstration of cell culture technique ” – 2016

Dr. Radhika Bhavle, Krishnadevaraya Dental College, Bengaluru

Prof and Head Department Of Oral Pathology
Topic – “Unzip the Melee of Oral Lesions” -2017

Mrs. Smita Dalvi, Belagavi

Teacher, Trinity College for English Language, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Communication
Topic – “Communication skills and Body Language”-2018

Dr. Praveen Arany, University at Buffalo, Buffalo NY, USA

Assistant Professor, Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine
Topic – “Pursuing Human Clinical Translational Research – Impact Versus Statistical Significance.”-2018

Sanghmitra Dasgupta, Bengaluru

Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist & Implantologist
Topic – “Neuromuscular Dentistry”

Dr Pradeep Mahajan, Pune

Topic – Slide Seminar on ‘Dermatopathology’-2018